Thursday, September 25, 2014

Downward Dancing Dog

I hate working out.

Let me say that again.


You know that whole "endorphins make you happy" thing?


I have never experienced these so-called "endorphins", and they certainly aren't making me happy.

I have, on the other hand, felt like barfing after a work out. Or napping. Or barfing then napping.

You get the picture.

Unfortunately exercise is a major component in Parky's therapy. Booooo!!

Not that I'd ever let Parkinson's dictate my lifestyle choices. I only let vintage do that. Haha!

As in, "I will fit into that 28" novelty skirt, or so help me!!"

But since it is a recommended therapy, and being that I CANNOT live without vintage,  I suppose I must exercise.


Not just any exercise though; Parky's requires exercise that helps with coordination and balance. Dance, boxing, and bicycling rate high on the best types of exercise for people with Parkinson's, as do Pilates and Yoga.

So I set out to research some of the finest workouts the internet and cable can provide. AKA I procrastinated.

Did I NOT mention I hate working out??

I do love to dance though. Dance plus working out equals A Cardio Party!!

Or at least that's what Hulu calls it. Today I danced along to Rhythmica: Dance Cardio Party, and giggled the whole time. (Oh the scripting!) I also got my heart pumping, and my whole body engaged.

Afterwards I was flushed and sweaty, and definitely did not look like a gorgeous Gil Elvgren pin-up. But I also didn't throw-up.

Progress Poodles! Progress!!

Please appreciate the irony of my t-shirt. ;)
Apparently my Parky's brain really does like exercise. Or rather, it likes to exer-dance in the un-judging, un-humiliating comfort of my living room.

Hmmm... maybe Husband will try swing dancing with me...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Summer's End

Summer is coming to an end here in Northern California. *sob*

And as the days get shorter and the evenings cooler, I have been doing my best to fill each moment with a new memory.

I've been jaunting to Portland...

Shopping shenanigans with Miss Rachael
I met my bakelite guru!
Jesse, the Brighter Bakelite master!!
Can you tell I was excited?!
Xtabay Vintage Boutique!
 One of the most beautiful vintage shops ever!

Rachael and her Husband took me for a ride in their
'31 Ford! Oh so fun!!!

We stopped for cocktails of course!
Look at these two cuties! 
Partying with Prohibition panache...

I promise to do a whole post on this party!
It was fabulous!
Tasting new wines...

My beautiful cousins took me wine tasting!
De Ponte Winery

And then I went to a wine party in my
favorite new skirt from Fab Gabs!
What goes best with wine?
And lounging, Poodle style... which means lots of reading and Acorn TV watching. If you haven't heard of Acorn TV, Google it NOW! It's an anglophile's dream!

While there are aspects of autumn that I enjoy (Can we say Oktoberfest?), nothing makes me as happy as the green of spring, or the warmth of a summer day.

Fall is all browns and russets, and no pink. Definitely not a Poodle time of year.

Oh well. Such is life and the turning of the seasons.


Maybe I can fit in one last adventure...