Friday, August 1, 2014

A Thrifting We Will Go...

I fell off the thrift store wagon this week. Hard.

It was made all the worse by the fact that I've been good the past couple months.

Not because I have any ounce of self-control when it comes to thrifting, but because the stores around here have been pretty awful of late. Slim-to-no pickings. So I took a thrift-break.

Then my friend and I had this brilliant idea to host a 1920's speakeasy-esque party. We OBVIOUSLY need vintage cocktail glasses, right?!?

And so I convinced Husband to take me to a few stores. A little quick round of thrifting, nothing to get excited about.

But then I found this...

Vintage Sunbeam juicer bowl attachment!!
Not just any Jadeite... Vaseline glass Jadeite! It glows! 
And these...

Blue rose patterned Federal Glass bowls!
Pristine and pretty!
And this...

Another Federal Glass bowl!
Kitschy Kitchen tools pattern!
At this point I started dancing a happy thrifter jig-of-joy in the middle of Goodwill.

Husband was not amused. But he still drove me to another thrift.

I had to find those vintage cocktail glasses remember?!!

The next store yielded two cocktail glasses and a lovely copy of The Landower Legacy by Victoria Holt. (Despite having zero shelf space left, I cannot leave a thrift shop without checking the book section. It would be a CRIME to leave a book behind! Especially out-of-print beloved authors!)

Still feeling the thrift itch, we headed to one more store. Where I struck thrift gold with three more vintage cocktail glasses, a beautiful inlaid wood tray, and four GLORIOUS green glasses!!!

This looks 1920s-ish right?
Four different people stopped me in the check-out line to look
at this stunning serving tray. It's so pretty!!
Oh hello there green uranium glass...
... I thought I saw you glowing!!
And with those three simple stops, my inner thrifter/hoarder pulled me back in! I'm feelin' the urge Poodles! I gotta go thrifting!!

Husband just reminded me that I'm visiting Portland in three weeks and should probably be saving my money.

He's such a downer when he's right.

Until we thrift again...


  1. Even though I can't drink anymore, your party sounds fun!

    Glad you got your thrifting fix. Just when I'm about to give up on them, I find something good! ♥

    1. I think we like the planning part of the party more than the actual party. :) And the dressing up of course! Haha!

  2. What wonderful finds!!! Especially the uranium glass! Mega score!


    1. I was so excited when I found them! I tried thrifting again yesterday, but it was back to being blah. Which was good because I really do need money for Portland shopping! ❤
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn