Monday, May 12, 2014

Skin Deep Beauty

As an Esthetician, I'd have to say that beauty is only skin deep.

Don't get in uproar Poodles! I'm only referring to external beauty. ;)

Healthy skin, for me, is the start of any beauty regime. But at times, beautiful, glowing skin can seem as elusive as a novelty skirt with a 30" waist.

(Haha! Residual shopping bitterness.)

Anyhoo.. back to skin.

You Poodles all know that I am OBSESSED with my cold cream. I could not, will not, cannot survive without it! It is the best cleanser I have ever used. My skin craves it!

Skin needs more than a cleanser though. It needs exfoliation! It needs moisture! It needs care!

As we age, our skin needs a little kick in the butt. It doesn't want to get up and turn over those skin cells anymore. It's tired! So it's up to us to help it along.

This Fruit Fiesta Peel delivers fantastic results,
for at-home exfoliation!
***But!!!! Do not push it too hard! Just say no to over-exfoliation!! Peels, scrubs, AHA, BHA, Lactic Acid, Glycolic, Vitamin C, Vitamin A... these are ALL exfoliants! Pick one!! Not ten!***

Don't forget to put moisture back in
after you exfoliate!!
Try this Hydrating Cactus mask from MyChelle.
My skin tends to run dry, and I have an ongoing battle with eczema and peri-oral dermatitis (a fancy name for a seriously annoying condition). So my skin likes to be babied.

No junk ingredients. No added chemicals. All-natural, hand-made if possible, is my choice.

I've tried a LOT of products over the years, and the ones I'm using now are some of the best I have found.

Here they are:

While I use my cold cream at night, I like to do a
morning cleanse with this ultra-rich creme cleanser
from my favorite Fort Bragg boutique, Bella Mia!
After cleansing, toning is a must!
I love MyChelle's Fruit Enzyme Mist!
Non-drying, refreshing, and oh so right!
For daytime moisture that can't be beat,
try Glory Be Herbals
Calendula Rose Calming Lotion!
Lightweight, never greasy, just the perfect
amount of moisture for any skin type!
Don't forget to bat your eyes!
MyChelle Magnolia Fresh Eyes reduces puffiness,
and feels lovely as it cools tired eyes.
It's a bit pricey though, so watch for it on HauteLook.
Need a little more moisture at night?
Glory Be Herbals Face Food works wonders!

Got a blemish? A bug bite? A scratch?
Not anymore with Glory Be Herbals Boo Boo Stick!
This product is a MUST HAVE!
I carry one in my purse, keep one by my bed,
one goes to my son, and one in the medicine cabinet.
Everyone needs one! 

This scar treatment came as a sample with my last order,
and I adore it! Still trying it out, but so far
it has lightened some pigmentation scarring
on my chin (from the aforementioned dermatitis!),
and it does double duty as an eye treatment!
And finally this!
My ultimate go-to for eczema, dry-skin, and WRINKLES!
Nothing can beat this Comfrey Salve!
That's my list Poodles! My everyday skin care routine!

There are hundreds of skin care products out there- and not all of them are Poodle worthy. So do your skin a favor and find a product line that works for you!!

And don't forget to follow my #1 skin care advice- CTM!!!!


Your skin will thank you! Hehe!