Monday, April 28, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17!!!

Viva! Viva! Viva!

What can I say about Viva Las Vegas 17?!

Almost there!!

It was fun; it was chockfull of spectacular music; it was glitter and glitz and gold!!

Although we had just driven TEN HOURS,
Lu and I had to spend our first night in Vegas the proper way!
Sightseeing on the Strip!!
I met beautiful people, and fan-girl geeked out at least twice a day. Hehe!

Laurence and her sensational hat!!!
I am a mega-fan of her and her husband,
and their marvelous blog Lost in the 50's!
The cutest of all cuties,
Technicolor Cutie Missy!!!
I ran into this stunning gal by the pool!
The ultra-fabulous, Incendiary Blonde, Melanie!
This hilarious lady has a terrific YouTube channel
that every Poodle should be following!
I love her hair tutorials, and I adore her!!!
Miss Jennifer of A Vintage Vanity!
If Lisa Freemont Street herself wants to do your hair and makeup,
you hold back the giggles and try to play it cool!
There were awesome vendors where I shopped and scored!! (I'm looking at you Retrospec'd!)

I had to have this poodle-licious dress from
Retrospec'd!!!!! They were in the VLV fashion show,
and I wanted every single dress they had!
New Freddies, Carmen Miranda perfect Miss L Fire's, and
some other vintage spoils!!
Love, love, love my new Lisa Freemont Street
inspired necklace by Pip Jolley!! Purchased straight from the
delightful and beautiful Pip herself!!!! Somehow I didn't end up
with a picture of her and the equally stunning Miss Turnstiles,
but they were friendly and funny and fantastic!
I made some AMAZING new friends!!! And we danced (some of, hehe) the nights away!

Mes Amis at Mon Ami Gabi!
My ENFP and Disney soulmates! ;)

Car Show Shenanigans! 
More Portlanders to visit!!! 
Beautiful Brittany!
I'm pretty much bananas for Brianna!

It took forever to get anywhere!

Our feet hurt!
It was hot! Oh-so-hot in that Pool Party Line!!!

On and on and on it goes!
Time to cool off!!
It was pricey! (Or maybe I just bought a lot! Ha!)

It was SMOKY!! (Forgot about that whole able-to-smoke-in-public thing.)

Poodles do NOT smoke! Bleh!
Soooo.... Would I go again???


I miss my new friends (and my roomies!!) terribly, and the music and shopping were fabulous. And it WAS a spectacular first time in Vegas and at Viva for me!!!!

My "Dixieland Delight"! Haha!
Lovely Lulu!
Last night in Vegas!

I hate smoke; Husband hates Vegas so he will never come with me; aaaaand I want to go to Disneyland and Italy again.

Venice is waiting...
Poodle Priorities! HA!!!

What about you Poodles?? Who went and what did you think?! Would you go again?! Should I go again?? Viva 18...?

As you muse on all that, hehe, check out my Lisa Freemont Street YouTube debut appearance! EEEEEKKKK!!!!!

Yes, I did take a screen shot of myself! Hahahaha!
And until next time...


  1. First, you MUST post a photo ASAP of u wearing those Carmen shoes. And I have read from others that the smoke was a nightmare. Def a turnoff. Third, WHY is there a mile long line just to go to the pool?! Fourth, is that a playsuit? Photo pls! Glad u had a good time, I do want to go one day. Maybe in 2016 when we plan to visit the US for our 20th wedding anniversary. Xx

    1. The pool line was ridiculous! Thankfully there was some shade off to the side. CA does not allow smoking anywhere, so the smoke was a surprise I hadn't thought about. It was awful! Which picture for playsuit? And in 2016 you'll be too busy going to Disneyland and hanging out in SF and the wine country with me to go to Viva!! Hahaha!! ;)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. What a great summary, and soooo many fun photos! Thank you so much for including me and giving me a shout out - it was lovely to meet you! :) I have to agree about the smoke - I HATE it! But...I think you should go to Viva again next year! Hehe! Gotta say, I love that little green and pink two-piece with the cute wicker purse!!!! Score!!!! xxxx

    1. That two-piece green outfit was one of my favorites finds! Love that I can wear the top with anything; it actually has a button back, not a tie back, so bring on the bra!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. I'm so glad you had a good time. I go back and forth on wanting to go because of the crowds and smoke. I think it's been about 5 years since you could smoke in restaurants and hotels in my state. It really bothers me now when I travel to places that allow it. That might be a deal breakers.

    1. Living in California, I completely forget that you are allowed to smoke elsewhere! The smoke was really bad; our eyes were all red and burning! Yuck.
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. That was so nice to meet you!
    I must tell you that Viva is nothing without friends, most of the time we don't go to burlesque show, miss a lot of concerts, we didn't even go to the pool party this time because we were just spending time with friends in our hotel room... Moreover for us, it's just a pretext to spend a few weeks in the USA. So I can fully understand if you want to enjoy other destinations! Venice is a must see!

    1. So nice to meet you too!!! :)
      My friends are the one reason I would go again! That and all the shopping! Haha!
      Venice is my favorite place ever, so I am trying really hard to save up for it! I even turned down a Disneyland trip for it. :(
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  5. Lovely post! I loved everything at Viva except travelling and long flights (it took 23 hours to get there).

    1. You have me beat on the travel time!! ;) I'm so glad you loved Viva! That makes all that traveling worth it!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  6. Love this post. Wish I could have gone with you guys, but maybe we'll have our own little Viva here in the bay area. ;) And btw, I might have to steal that poodle dress.

    1. Yes let's have our own Viva!! That's what I kept saying to Lu! We need something local! We can plan it around a car show or antiques fair!!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. I better get to it with my Viva posts! I can’t believe we did not run into each other again for a photo! I agree the smoke is really difficult to take. Even when I was a smoker it got to be too much for me. At least no one can smoke upstairs where the bands are like it used to be back in the day so there is some escape from it. When it comes down to it, I cannot help myself and will be dragging the husband back again next year! We’ve been going for years and the few times we missed it, Easter just did not feel right! In the meantime, hope to run into you again, perhaps at something beer related!

    1. People smoked on our floor even though they weren't supposed to; kept seeping into our room! Bleh!! You looked stunning at Viva when I saw you!!
      You are so TALL! ;) Yes, get on your post so I can see all your pics!!! Haha!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  8. I Love your post on Viva! Made me miss it even more again! It did look like you had a blast even though there were downsides (the smoke is always an issue for me too but I'm thankful that upstairs where all the events were going on was no smoking. As a dancer that is a plus!). You looked adorable all weekend too. I'm pretty sure I walked passed you a couple of times now that I see your pictures. Maybe if you go to Viva next year (hint hint) we will run into each other. I had a great time (even minus my food poisoning on Friday night which took me out of the fun till late late Saturday night) and thought it was another good Viva. We were not going to go next year (just like you my husband and I want to do some world travelling) but since I got sick I feel like I need to go back and have a full repeat in 2015 :) So our room is booked at the Orleans. Oh and BTW..yours swimsuit looked amazing! -Liz

    1. I know I saw you when we first arrived on Weds (literally had just stepped out of the car), but I felt so gross and travel worn that I totally wimped out and didn't go up and introduce myself! You were looking fabulous in your Frankie's outfit!!!
      I think if I go again, I'd want to do more off-site things. Never made it to the Venetian-- but then again what's the Venetian compared to Venice?! ;)
      I'm so sorry you got sick! That definitely calls for a do-over!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  9. Omg I love your pics! Yay! Thank you for sharing! The pros were a delight and I totally agree with your cons. I cannot do long lines at all, I cannot stand the heat and sun beaming on my skin, and cigarette smoke is just disgusting on every level. My husband does like Vegas and I have never been so I dunno if I would ever go. I, too have my travel priorities! DisneyWorld is first then either Cali or London but I must do them very very soon. My only problem is deciding if I just go alone or with my hubs or just take the whole darn family. Honestly, I love my family and even though traveling with children is a lot of work they just bring so much joy in my life, to me they make everything better. So we shall see! I am so glad you did this and you looked just freakin amazing!!!!!!! xox

    1. The allure of Vegas to me was very like Disneyland... seeing perfectly reproduced versions of places I may never ever get to visit! Or places I've been, but may never get to go again! The Paris was simply lovely!! The Bellagio had an amazing indoor flower show. Caesars was Rome and Florence rolled into one!
      I felt the same way about leaving my lil man when we went to Italy! BUT once there it was wonderful to have some romantic alone time with my Husband. And no worries! So selfish and indulgent, I know, but also fun! ;) We face-timed 2x's a day, and he had no desire to go to Italy. He'd much rather stay and be spoiled by grandma instead!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  10. Oh my! Sounds like you had a blast! But I totally understand hating the smoke, and also preferring Disneyland!


    1. I have serious Disneyland longing going on!!! My friends are going at the end of this month.. I may have to tag along! ;)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  11. This post made me miss you all over again! :( But yay that I meet you! :D I'm so sad I didn't see that playsuit in person, but I'm on a playsuit/shorts kick since that weekend! You guys awoke a beast! lol <3 Love ya doll!