Monday, April 28, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 17!!!

Viva! Viva! Viva!

What can I say about Viva Las Vegas 17?!

Almost there!!

It was fun; it was chockfull of spectacular music; it was glitter and glitz and gold!!

Although we had just driven TEN HOURS,
Lu and I had to spend our first night in Vegas the proper way!
Sightseeing on the Strip!!
I met beautiful people, and fan-girl geeked out at least twice a day. Hehe!

Laurence and her sensational hat!!!
I am a mega-fan of her and her husband,
and their marvelous blog Lost in the 50's!
The cutest of all cuties,
Technicolor Cutie Missy!!!
I ran into this stunning gal by the pool!
The ultra-fabulous, Incendiary Blonde, Melanie!
This hilarious lady has a terrific YouTube channel
that every Poodle should be following!
I love her hair tutorials, and I adore her!!!
Miss Jennifer of A Vintage Vanity!
If Lisa Freemont Street herself wants to do your hair and makeup,
you hold back the giggles and try to play it cool!
There were awesome vendors where I shopped and scored!! (I'm looking at you Retrospec'd!)

I had to have this poodle-licious dress from
Retrospec'd!!!!! They were in the VLV fashion show,
and I wanted every single dress they had!
New Freddies, Carmen Miranda perfect Miss L Fire's, and
some other vintage spoils!!
Love, love, love my new Lisa Freemont Street
inspired necklace by Pip Jolley!! Purchased straight from the
delightful and beautiful Pip herself!!!! Somehow I didn't end up
with a picture of her and the equally stunning Miss Turnstiles,
but they were friendly and funny and fantastic!
I made some AMAZING new friends!!! And we danced (some of, hehe) the nights away!

Mes Amis at Mon Ami Gabi!
My ENFP and Disney soulmates! ;)

Car Show Shenanigans! 
More Portlanders to visit!!! 
Beautiful Brittany!
I'm pretty much bananas for Brianna!

It took forever to get anywhere!

Our feet hurt!
It was hot! Oh-so-hot in that Pool Party Line!!!

On and on and on it goes!
Time to cool off!!
It was pricey! (Or maybe I just bought a lot! Ha!)

It was SMOKY!! (Forgot about that whole able-to-smoke-in-public thing.)

Poodles do NOT smoke! Bleh!
Soooo.... Would I go again???


I miss my new friends (and my roomies!!) terribly, and the music and shopping were fabulous. And it WAS a spectacular first time in Vegas and at Viva for me!!!!

My "Dixieland Delight"! Haha!
Lovely Lulu!
Last night in Vegas!

I hate smoke; Husband hates Vegas so he will never come with me; aaaaand I want to go to Disneyland and Italy again.

Venice is waiting...
Poodle Priorities! HA!!!

What about you Poodles?? Who went and what did you think?! Would you go again?! Should I go again?? Viva 18...?

As you muse on all that, hehe, check out my Lisa Freemont Street YouTube debut appearance! EEEEEKKKK!!!!!

Yes, I did take a screen shot of myself! Hahahaha!
And until next time...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hiatus Schmiatus

Hi'ya Poodles! How ya been??

I've been on a bit of a hiatus...

... And although I don't like things to get too sad or personal on this blog because well, who wants to read sad stuff?? (Not me! I'm a happily ever after kinda girl!) I feel I owe you awesome Poodles a  reason for my long absence.

Parkinson's. Straight up that's it. Bleh!!!

I've been put on new drugs and taken of those drugs. I've been put on another med, and taken off a previous one. I've been titrating up and titrating down.

And through the entire lab rat process I've felt like crap. Yeah, crap.

I'm tired, I'm ridiculously nauseous, and I'll confess to being a bit depressed.

All of this has resulted in me having not one jolt of creative thought process, or any thought process at all. So I haven't written a line in weeks.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram have experienced about all I've been able to give in the sharing and commenting department. And although I've tried to keep up on reading most of my favorite bloggers, I haven't done much to say how incredible they all are.

In short, I'm an epic downer. Ugh!

BUT! I think there is light at the end of this medicated tunnel!

I feel a little better, my brain is less Rx addled, and I've got some exciting news to share!

I'm going to Viva Las Vegas in two weeks!!!! Yay!!

I've never been to Viva, or Las Vegas, so this should be an exciting trip! Husband is not going, so I am bunking down with my good friend Lulu and her bestie Ashley AKA Lisa Freemont Street!!! EEK! I will try not to act like the mega huge nerd fan that I am, when I meet her!!!!

Besides Ashley, again EEEK, there are a million and one other inspiring blog-o-sphere friends I'm looking forward to meeting in person! It's going to be a fan-tab-u-lous weekend!! And it is absolutely amazing to have something to plan for and anticipate and be engaged in again!!!

More than that, it is wonderful to be able to share with all you sensational Poodles!!! I've missed you!

See! Happily ever after Poodles!!!