Thursday, February 6, 2014

Retail Therapy Thursday!

Howdy Poodles!

I'm on a little holiday…

…a holiday from my current Parkinson's medication routine that is! Bleh!!

No Parky's meds = Hands no worky

Not a lot of typing taking place around here. Boooo!!!

But that's ok! Less words mean more pictures. Yay!!

And what better pictures could there be than Wish List items??!!

And online shopping means I'm one happy Poodle.

Here's my ticket to smiles!

Port of call no.1 - Etsy!

Gotta start with a poodle of course!
And you can't get one more adorable than this handbag,
from Etsy seller MazzaLuca!
I NEED this novelty brooch!!
available from the Etsy shop roseluv.
How awesome is this Rat Pack hair flower?!
Perfect for Viva Las Vegas!
Handmade by fabulous seller RibbonsandRockabilly!
Can't leave Etsy without a shout-out to my favorite shop,
 Brighter Bakelite!
This ridiculously gorgeous piece was restored and hand carved by
talented shop owner Jesse Fowler. Beautiful!!
Stop & Shop no. 2 - eBay!

This cute family of fish need to swim on over to my house!
available HERE
I actually put a bid on this baby!
Fabulous condition Corde fan purse!
Purple Stardust Bakelite Bangle!!!
I have heavily hinted to Husband that I want this beauty!
Here's the *ahem* link!
Wasn't that fun??

Excuse me while I go share this with Husband. Ha!