Monday, January 20, 2014

Poodle Perfect Pyrex ~ Part Two!

Alright Poodles, here's the lowdown on Pyrex care…

I stink at it. Eek!

Until last year, I stacked my bowls any ol' way, used them to hold fruit on the table, and even broke a cherished vintage nesting bowl.

It was bad; I cried.

It was while I was sweeping up those precious glass shards, that I decided it would probably be a good idea for me to learn how to take care of the pieces I still owned.

Ya think?!!

So I went on a Google search mania, found lots of great tips, and did a little experimenting of my own.

***Poodles and PinCurls Pyrex Care Caveat: Just because these worked for me, doesn't mean you should try them. AKA… don't blame a poor Poodle if you damage one of your own pieces. ;) ***

Here we go…

My arsenal!
Tip numero uno: Your white Pyrex has one of those annoying rust looking stains; try gently scrubbing with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! This works for most surface stains, but I wouldn't use on a color background.

Tip two: Your thrift store find looks scuffed and/or severely stained. What to do??!! Bar Keepers Friend to the rescue!! This product works wonders! I place some powder on a damp soft sponge and then rub onto the stained piece lightly. Let sit a few seconds, and rinse! I will admit to scrubbing the white surface of my stained bowl with it; BUT this was a piece I thought was beyond saving and only cost a few dollars. My thought process really was, "what've I got to lose??"

This thrifted bowl was pure yellow...
After much painstaking cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend,
 between the pink pattern, it looks great!!
I would not use this product on my matte black snowflake, or on any other delicate design; it may be too harsh. I also would not use it more than once or twice on the same piece, as I fear it may fade it over time. It's really more of an I'm outta options kinda thing.

Tip three: You've washed your bowl with warm water and gentle suds, but those crevices just won't come clean. Try a wooden toothpick!! This works great for all those areas a sponge can't remove.

Tip four: That darn Goodwill tape/sticker residue will NOT come off!! This is my esthetician-based wax removal advice, hehe; try olive oil. Rub it into the sticky area, and let it sit for awhile. Then try washing off with a soapy sponge and warm water. Repeat as needed.

Tip five: Another olive oil miracle! Your old bowl has seen better times; it's once bright glaze now looks faded and dull. Solution… using a soft cloth, coat the bowl with olive oil and let it sit overnight. That dried out glaze will drink in the moisture and restore some shine! The next day simply gently wash your bowl and enjoy your "new" piece!

This once dull bowl looks new again!
I removed the scuffs with Bar Keepers Friend, and then
gave it a healthy dose of olive oil!
Tip six: This is the single greatest, coolest, best piece of advice I found through Pinterest. How to stack and display your gorgeous Pyrex bowls? Use inexpensive disposable storage wear in graduated sizes! Experiment with what looks best; sometimes I leave the lid on, sometimes I use only the bowl. Check out Confessions of a Pyrex Hoarder for this tip and for pictures of one of the most amazing Pyrex collections ever!!!

Tip seven: Unless you want to wash your Pyrex every week (um, no thanks) display it behind glass doors or keep it safe in a cabinet.

Tip eight: Follow Pyrex Love! This is an invaluable site for Pyrex collectors!!!

Tip nine: Get some display inspiration from Pinterest! Check out the million and one Pyrex boards there, and then go get creative in your kitchen!


This poor bowl has seen better days. Dishwasher Damage!!!
This absolutely, positively ruins the glaze. Dulling it and even erasing some patterns. 
So that's it Poodles! My top ten Pyrex care tips!!

Now go lose yourself for a few hours in the land of Pyrex Pinterest! Hehe!!


  1. Thank you for the tips, Corilynn!
    I have 2 pieces of Pyrex that have grease build up all around the the designs.
    I've yet to sit down with a tooth pick but I know that's what I'll need to do!
    I've used the olive oil trick for a very dull green daisy and it looks so much better!

    1. The toothpick trick has helped me many a time. Old pyrex gets so many little crevices; a toothpick gets right in those lines and cleans them out!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. You learn something new every day, and how to spruce up Pyrex (I adore it, but own exceedingly little - so far...hopefully more will come by way over the years) is mine for this snowy Tuesday. What an engaging, helpful post. Thank you very much for sharing your Pyrex maintenance wisdom with us, dear gal!

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica