Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Meet Me in Portland

Every December I succumb to three bad habits…

…copious amounts of Clover egg nog drinking, followed by even more ample amounts of eating, and finished up with an overabundant amount of time sitting on the couch.

Classic movie watching of course!


Haha! Just kidding…

Not really. (I'm looking at you Husband.)

One of the aforementioned movies I must watch, is a little classic known as, Meet Me in St. Louis.


Judy Garland was at her loveliest in this film. Due greatly in part to the loving direction of future husband Vincent Minnelli.

On the set of Meet Me in St. Louis
Judy stated that during the making of Meet Me in St. Louis, was the first time she had ever felt, beautiful.

And how could she not?! Consider the framing and softness in this iconic shot...

Judy Garland looking sensational,
"framed" by Vincent Minnelli's love.
The red dress "Esther" wears to the her "last dance in St. Louis", is my favorite. It is simply spectacular.

Love this pic!! Twenty years old, wearing a red velvet
dress for my sister's wedding, and having the
best time with my other "big sis". 
Paired with her sister's green velvet, "Esther" and "Rose" are the belles of the ball.

So guess what my reaction was when I found this fantastic forties coat while shopping in Portland?

Awww Magpie, how I adore you?
One of the best vintage shop's in Portland.
I may have twirled a few (hundred) happy circles! Ha!

It has the most stunning satin-chevron-OMBRE lining!!

What is it about vintage labels that sets my heart a-skipping?
This coat makes me feel pretty. It's soft and luxurious as only velvet can be, while the satin lining peeks out with a delightful elegance.

And since it was another cold morning today, I decided to don my chic crimson velvet. I immediately felt like "Esther", glowing glamorously in snowy St. Louis.

I did NOT want to leave the fire…
(I also decided to frame myself lovingly with a soft filter! Hahaha!)
…but since I had to, why not wear red velvet?! Hehe!
My Miss L Fire's matched perfect!
I felt the need for more twirling!! HA!
Scenes from St. Louis superimposed memories of Portland, and I realized I was missing something. I needed a "Rose" in green, to pair with my "Esther" red!

How absolutely stunning is Janey in this picture??
courtesy of atomicredhead.com
Enter Janey Ellis, of the fabulous blog Atomic Redhead!!

Janey met me while I was in Portland, for some vintage shopping and lunch. It was extremely kind of her to take the time to show me around, and I enjoyed our visit immensely. It was marvelous spending the morning with such a talented and beautiful blogger! (Especially one who shares a love of Disneyland!!!) Thank you Janey!

With Janey at Portland's best boutique,
Simply Vintage!!
The ever gracious and gorgeous Sarah,
owner of Simply Vintage Boutique.
So in my "Esther" red, and with Janey's green in mind, I'm off to watch Meet Me in St. Louis

One movie tradition down, three to go!

Husband just groaned audibly.


  1. OMG, that coat is to die for! Lucky lady:) Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

  2. Is it possible that I haven't seen that movie??? I'm going to check it out!
    LOVE your coat! ♥

  3. I am so jealous of that coat! Esther's red dress is still my all time favorite (although the chartruese pom shirt is a close second). You need to take me thrifting with you!!!

  4. That COAT! Oh my goodness! Like any velvet coat is amazing, but that lining! I nearly fell off my chair!

    And, I know your feeling with movies! There are quite a few where I have similar feelings.

    Thank you SO much for all of your kind words!! And I feel so special to be your "Rose"!! It was delightful being able to meet you and I am so glad you found treasures! I hope we can do it again sometime!


  5. I love Ester's dress! And the Chevron!

  6. That coat is quite a find!! I love it.

    I often listen to the '40s channel on satellite radio and hear the title song from Meet Me in St. Louis but I've never seen the movie. I'll have to check and see if it's on Demand!


  7. You fabulously lucky duck, you! There's no city in all of the US that I want to see (and shop) more than Portland. Fingers crossed that such is finally able to happen in the next year or two (I just need to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and such finally will! ;D).

    Your red swing coat is heavenly! So lux, gorgeous, ladylike and perfect for the holiday season.

    ♥ Jessica