Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hutch Hunting

I've been on a hunt...

…a hunt for the perfect hutch.

It's taken me a year of Craigslisting, plus a steady round of searching every consignment shop in a 25 mile radius, but it finally happened. I found my hutch!

And oh boy, is it a HUTCH!

Hello darling!

I'm in love!!
Isn't it beautiful?? A mid-century modern masterpiece!
(Just ignore those gratuitous cords on the floor...
…they are there simply to show the hutch
Extra storage space makes it easy to rotate
my favorite pieces on display!
I didn't want to damage the gorgeous walnut grain,
so I placed these adorable vintage pillowcases on the shelves as a
protection against scratching. They fit perfect!
Lu-Ray and Pyrex,
most of it thrifted!
I knew the hutch was a Drexel, but I had no idea of it's real history.

Drexel mark inside drawer
After getting it home, I noticed this stamp on the back…

My "new" hutch is 55 years old!
…and I immediately Googled Declaration by Drexel.

Imagine my glee-filled giddiness when I found all of this…

I see my hutch!
I see it again!
I wasn't sure how I felt about the porcelain pulls,
but when paired with the milk glass shelves - WOW!
According to the Drexel website, the company "pioneered the concept of partnering with outside designers to conceptualize new collections. For example, California modernists Kip Stewart and Stewart McDougall worked with Drexel Heritage to create Declaration, which was a modern collection made of natural walnut. Immediately hailed as an important contribution to American design, several pieces were selected by the U.S. Government Design Committee for the Brussels World's Fair and an exhibit in Moscow."

Ummm… How exciting is that?? My hutch was made in 1958, the same year that pieces from the Declaration collection were chosen to be displayed at the World's Fair!!

Now it sits happily in my little niche, glowing proudly; and I sit happily on the couch staring at it.

I paid $100 for a piece of hutch history, and it was worth every penny!!

The Great Hutch Hunt of 2013 is over!!!

…now what to search for next?


  1. Congrats!
    How fun to find advert pics of your hutch!
    Now we want to see pics of YOU standing next to it!

    1. Everyone in my house is sick :( , but when they are well I will try and take a pic with my new love! Ha!
      Now I need you to come and decorate the inside for me! I'm terrible at vignettes, and you are amazing with them! Your own hutch is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, and part of the reason I started hunting for one of my own! ;)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. Oh my! It's marvelous! And original images too! Fabulous!!


    1. I was ridiculously excited when I saw those old ads! History!! You know I love it!!! ;)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. Now that is a hutch worth waiting a small eon for! It sings with the cheerful, fabulous spirit of mid-century furniture design and will, if you ask me, never go out of style. Massive congrats on your stellar find!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice congrats about my Queens of Vintage crowing. It's been two days since their post went up and I still feel giddy with excitement about it! :)

    1. It was definitely worth waiting for! ;) Craigslist can be a huge disappointment, but I never stop looking because every now and then there are epic finds!
      I'm so happy for you about your crowning! It is seriously exciting!! :)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. What a GREAT hutch! Well worth waiting for and it's even more beautiful the way you have used it to display your fabulous lu-ray collection. The historical info from Drexel is such an added bonus. I'm a first time visitor to your blog and I LOVE your sense of vintage style.
    MelodyODesigns at ArtFire

    1. Hi! Nice to meet you!!! Thank you for your nice comments! :)
      I love history, so if I can work some into a post, I will! Ha!! I've had my Lu-Ray forever, but never had a spot to display it - very excited to have it out now!!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn