Monday, October 21, 2013

Hot Hot Hollywood!


How thrilling that name must have sounded to starlets of the "Golden Age of Hollywood"! It was a town that could make or break you. It meant sunshine and riches and the smell of orange blossoms. It meant handsome co-stars, and endless love affairs. And don't forget all that adoration from fans!

Ok, maybe that's not how it was; but in my dreamy mind, that is how I always pictured it. Blame TCM and Robert Osborne. And the influence of the Sunfire series, "historical-romance" novels that my sister and I read in our early teens. (Hehe, we loved those books! But we cared more about the romance than the history!)

Wasn't Hollywood just like this?! HA!
So of course when I went for my recent visit to Redondo Beach, I had to make a trip out to Hollywood right?? I had to see the Hollywood Sign, walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and naturally I had to step in the concrete footsteps of my favorite stars outside the historical Grauman Theatre! (Weirdly, they all had extremely tiny feet!)

Some of my favorite stars!
And us being Marilyn and Jane! Hehe!
But what I REALLY, REALLY wanted to do, was to go shopping at the new Miss L Fire Hollywood store!! Ha!

Shoes for days!!!
Poodles it was... AH-MAZING!!! From the retro decor-to the insane sales-to the adorable sales girls, it was all I had wished for and more!

Loved the turnstile into the Employees Only area!
Not to mention that rack of Trashy Diva dresses!!!
I have no words for these beauties!
Thank you to these amazing ladies!!
I came home with five gorgeous pairs of shoes! My friend (not at all vintage/retro/rockabilly, but always fashionable) came home with three pairs. The sales were that good, and the shoes that cute and comfortable.

I'm in love!
The Sunset Strip was awesome, but shopping the hot sales at Miss L Fire was even more awesome! Hehe!

I'm thinkin' the fall/winter collection will be on sale in about 5 months... 

Although not strictly a "vintage shoe"...
...Miss L Fire is most definitely vintage inspired!
...anyone up for some Spring shopping?!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SoCal Sunshine

Waves, sunshine, and sand... an endless Summer of family and friends. That's Southern California to me.

My parent's are both from the San Diego area, and trips to my grandparent's house inevitably included a day or two at the beach. It was the part I looked forward to most of each visit. 

Northern CA beaches, while beautiful, are not exactly swimmable without a wetsuit and a serious respect for the strength of the waves.

But in coastal Southern CA... swim, swim, swim! Warm water and hot sand! Surfing and sailing! Life revolves around water!! 

Sail, surf, or paddle the Pacific!
Being a water gal, I love this! Nothing appeals to me more than lying on a beach with a book and a cocktail, my toes buried in the sand; running into the waves when the heat gets too intense, and coming back dripping and happy to collapse on my favorite beach towel.

So of course when one of my oldest friends moved to Redondo Beach, I was ecstatic at the thought of an opportunity to revisit those childhood memories. After four years of saying I was coming to stay, I finally did this past weekend.

And it was wonderful!! What did I wait so long for?? 

Want to see some pics Poodles?? ;)

Check these out while I look into renting a beautiful California bungalow on the beach... 

Just Arrived! Driving down the street toward
Manhattan Beach!
It looks grey, but it was warm and a little humid.
At 73 degrees F, it was too cold for the locals,
but just right for me! We had the beach to ourselves!
For fantastic views and live entertainment,
try Tony's on the Pier. A Redondo Beach favorite since 1952.
Have one of their famous Mai Tai's, and take home
an awesomely kitsch souvenir glass!

Sunny day at Redondo Beach!
My thrifted skirt matched the boats out at sea.
Everyone was happy playing in the waves...
...I didn't want to leave!
A gal can dream right??!!