Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lipstick and Lashes~ Bat Those Eyes!

Ever have one of those days where the thought of putting on makeup makes you want to pull the covers back over your head??

That has been every day for me of late. Ugh!

Clearly I haven't been drinking my Ovaltine!
School started in earnest this week, and I'm wore out. Who has time for makeup?! I hope I just get out of my sweats... Double ugh!!

Never fear! I've got the solution Poodles!!

Lipstick and Lashes! 

Lucy is all about the lipstick and lashes in this iconic photo
That's it! Lipstick and Lashes!!!

That's all it takes to look fabulous!

Putting on a good red lipstick can make you feel instantly glamorous! Add in a fringe of dark lashes courtesy of the blackest mascara, and BAM!

I love red lipstick!!

I don't love the bags under my eyes which my son
was so kind enough to point out! Kids! They'll
keep you honest!! HA!
How cute is this??
Available on Etsy from seller didepux
Not a fan of red? How bout pink?!
I'm diggin' this MAC pink!
Candy Yum Yum!!
Max Factor, 1958
And when all else fails, throw on some dark glasses!!
Kisses Poodles!

Bare skin never looked so good! Hehe!

PS. Stay tuned for my review on the best drugstore mascara out there! T.T.F.N.! ;)


  1. You look beautiful, CorriLynn! I tied my hair with a bandanna a lot this summer but now that it's cooler, I'm wishing my hair long again!

    I LOVE those old ads! My mom wore red lipstick every day and if I happened to see her without it, it was kind of scary! Ha-ha!

    *I* never wear red lipstick but I always have some shade on my lips- if I'm going to see people! My lips are very thin and pale and I applying stick and gloss all through out the day.

    My every day make up staples are eye brow pencil, lip color and at least a little mascara. If I'm going out with the hubs or have a appointment of some kind- then I wear foundation, eye shadow and liner and LOTS of mascara. I love make up but find I wear less as I get older. ♥

  2. Hi Holly! If I'm going to see people, you better believe my sparse brows are filled in! I love bandanas! They cover up a lot of mess. Hehe! ;) I adore the look of makeup, I'm just far too lazy to put any on!! Haha! But when I do, I go all out with foundation, bronzer, powder, and liner. But for the everyday, it's usually just mascara and gloss or lipstick.
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. You're looking gorgeous, lady! And BTW, I'm drooling over those gorgeous petticoats in the background of your one picture! Think you need a blog feature on them;)