Monday, September 30, 2013

Mighty Mascara! ~ Poodle Products

Betty stared longingly into Bill's eyes, and sighed,"Oh Bill, you're just the man for me!"

Bill replied, "Oh Betty, you're wonderful, except for those short, stubby lashes!!"


Short lashes got you down??!

Never fear, Poodles is here!

Beautiful lashes have been a concern for women throughout the ages. Early Egyptians used kohl to darken their lashes. And many a different concoction has been used since then.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra
Look at them lashes!
But it wasn't until Eugene Rimmel and T.L. Williams arrived on the scene, that mascara became an easy solution to create length and volume for eyes. In 1913, the French chemist Rimmel created the first non-toxic mascara and it became wildly popular all across Europe.

Around the same time in the USA, T.L. Williams marketed a similar product based on his sister Maybel's recipe for lash makeup. He named the new cosmetic, Maybelline; a combination of Maybel and Vaseline. It was a hit!

Now there are literally hundreds of different mascaras and brands; how's a Poodle to know which one is right for her??

My answer, stick to a classic! Mabelline!!

While I haven't tried all the Rimmel mascaras, I have tried pretty much every other drug-store brand out there; and Maybelline wins hands down, every time.

But the Maybelline company has 45 listed available mascara products on their website; which one is best? 

Here are my picks for the top five Maybelline mascaras:

* Let me start by saying I adore synthetic brushes! I find that they don't clump as easily as a natural fiber brush, and that I can reach each individual lash. Some people hate synthetic brushes, they just don't work for 'em. So while most of my choices are of the synthetic type, I have included a couple fiber brushes for you natural lovers! ;)

** Oh and while I'd love to show you how these look on my lashes, I quite literally fell on my face last Saturday (stools were meant for sitting on, not standing on!), and the result is not pretty. Eek!

1. Define-A-Lash Lengthening - My all-time favorite day-use mascara! Love the brush, love the formula, love the look on my lashes! And as a bonus, you can use an empty tube to help pin-curl your hair! Hehe!

2. Volum' Express The Rocket - I use this mascara for evening looks. It makes my lashes look insanely full and long, and I receive the most compliments with this mascara. BUT, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to remove!!! 3-4 washes at least. Don't even bother with cold cream, you'll be at it all day. Making this mascara a poor choice for everyday, but a great one for special events that require an all-day look.

3. Colossal Cat Eyes - Lives up to its name and creates an amazing cat eye look! But I find the brush difficult to work with on the lower lash line.

4. Great Lash - A true classic, Great Lash has been around for forty years. Available with both the original fiber brush, and a synthetic version! Yay!

5. Rimmel Glam Eyes - Yes, Rimmel. Just checking to see if you are paying attention! Ha! I adore this mascara! Mainly for the thin brush that is more like a comb. It works great for lower lashes.

Now get out there and win Bill and the boys over with your luscious lashes! 


**What's your favorite mascara?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lipstick and Lashes~ Bat Those Eyes!

Ever have one of those days where the thought of putting on makeup makes you want to pull the covers back over your head??

That has been every day for me of late. Ugh!

Clearly I haven't been drinking my Ovaltine!
School started in earnest this week, and I'm wore out. Who has time for makeup?! I hope I just get out of my sweats... Double ugh!!

Never fear! I've got the solution Poodles!!

Lipstick and Lashes! 

Lucy is all about the lipstick and lashes in this iconic photo
That's it! Lipstick and Lashes!!!

That's all it takes to look fabulous!

Putting on a good red lipstick can make you feel instantly glamorous! Add in a fringe of dark lashes courtesy of the blackest mascara, and BAM!

I love red lipstick!!

I don't love the bags under my eyes which my son
was so kind enough to point out! Kids! They'll
keep you honest!! HA!
How cute is this??
Available on Etsy from seller didepux
Not a fan of red? How bout pink?!
I'm diggin' this MAC pink!
Candy Yum Yum!!
Max Factor, 1958
And when all else fails, throw on some dark glasses!!
Kisses Poodles!

Bare skin never looked so good! Hehe!

PS. Stay tuned for my review on the best drugstore mascara out there! T.T.F.N.! ;)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poodle Procrastination

Ahhh... the life of a procrastinator.

A life filled with putting things off, forgetting to do tasks, and waiting "to see how things go". Or my personal favorite, letting other things distract you (aka etsy), until you have to rush through something, usually at the very, last, moment.

Given that such is the life I lead, I've been working on the Perfect Procrastination Pattern.

A setting pattern that will allow us procrastinators to style our hair with the least amount of effort. Ha!

Let that procrastination work for you!! 

This is my latest trial; no pin curls, no wetting while setting, no pre-heating. Just a straight, dry, sponge roller set. Only took me about ten minutes to roll my whole head.

Husband took some pics and it was off to sleep I go!

Hi there!
No peeking!

How'd it turn out?? Have I found the Perfect Pattern??

No! Haha! But it looked pretty good!! 

Ok style, but still needs work!

I guess this means more practice. *sigh*

Next week...


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Perfect Poodles!

It's a poodle kind of day!!!

I pinned on a new poodle pin (purchased in Portland), and headed out the door.

The cute fuzzy guy garnered more attention than I thought he would... really wish I had done my make-up. HaHa!

Why do I always think of poodles as males? Weird given that they are often pink!

I went with Husband to check out some Midcentury furniture, and found this little guy instead!

He is a bit chipped, but for $2 that is ok!!
He is still adorable!
My trio is complete! So very exciting!!

I feel like I should name these lil' guys;
any suggestions?
Thus, being in a poodle kind of mood, I thought I'd do some online shopping. Hehe!! 

Look at these adorable fellows!!

The handbag hoarder inside me WANTS this bag!!!
What a doll! And the girl is cute too! HA!
This fellow matches the wall plaques I already own, but he has a towel hook!
Is it too much to have three??
Look at this poodle pink perfection!
Handmade by the immensely talented Cindy of Retro Revival!
Check out her delightful array of caps on etsy now!
And we can't forget these Lefton Toodles!! A Maltese?! Please!
Obviously Toodles is a Poodle! Haha!!
These cuties are available from one of my favorite etsy shops,
Kitty Kat Dance!
Ahhh window shopping via the internet.. isn't it fun?! Especially when shopping for poodles!!! Hehe!