Friday, August 23, 2013

These Shoes are on Fire!!!

Hi'ya Poodles!

Just wanted to share some fun with you...

Miss L Fire shoes are on sale on Trashy Diva, Imelda's, AND Amazon!!!!

The box alone made me giddy! Hehe!
This is wondrous news for all of us gals who have always wanted to own a pair of these sensational shoes!

I bought my very first pair while in Portland!! I was ecstatic! I nearly skipped out of the store!

Miss L Fire Tijuana
Purchased at Imelda's in Portland!
Shoe Sale + No Tax = Happy Hoarder! Haha!

How cute is that label??
Go forth and shop Poodles!!! 

P.S. More Portland good times... here's some AMAZING music to listen to while you shop, or anytime!! And some pics of my favorite people, at a fantastic CD release party!!! Enjoy!!

Greg Goebel on Piano (my Cousin!!!)- Rainy City CD Release @Ivories in Portland

My cousin Heidi and I! Love her to pieces!! 
Cousins! These are my girls!!
Do a little extra shopping and grab my cousin's awesome First Solo Album, Rainy City! Available thru NinJazz Records! Yay Greg!!!


  1. Dear goodness, do I want a pair of their show-stoppingly awesome shoes something fierce. And (aside from the fact I'd have to save for ages to afford them, lol!) the only reason I haven't taken the plunge yet is that I have somewhat hard to fit feet and most shoes I've bought online didn't end up working (in real life, I usually need to try on 100-200 pairs to find one that fits even half decently), so I think I might just have to wait until one day if I'm in the States at store that sells them to see if they'll work for my feet or not.

    Love the Tijuana pair you picked - I can never get enough of tooled vintage or vintage inspired leather.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Tell me about it!! ;) I knew the exact sale price on these, and had to talk Husband into them! Never a fun task!! Hahaha!
      I do not like buying shoes online either, unless I know exactly how they will fit. I had heard multiple times that Miss L Fire shoes ran a little small, so I definitely wanted to try them on first. I was so excited to learn about Imelda's and that they were just down the street from my cousin's place!!
      And they DO run small! I'm a 6.5-7 American sizing, size 5 UK, and a 37 European. I had to buy a 38; which was great because it was their last pair!!! Hehe!
      Have a fantastic vacation!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. Love the Tijuanas! I just bought the same colour from their website - everything's on sale there too cos they're about to launch their winter range... Drool drool...