Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Poodle Pins

I feel like I should start a series entitled, "Confessions of a Vintage Hoarder Collector".


I have a lot of "collections"; shoes, dresses, purses... the list goes on.

So much so, that when we last moved, Husband promised me the 4th bedroom in our house to store all my "junk". (How dare he??)

I said, who needs 4 bedrooms anyways?? Ridiculous. Husband is a large man though, and enjoys his space.

And he REALLY wanted his own closet. Ha!

Only THREE bedrooms??!! What would Husband do?? Ha!
My latest collection obsession has been all about vintage brooches. 

Some of my collection! The bananas are part of a set that
Husband gave me for our 5 year anniversary. They are my favorite! 
I love all vintage jewelry, but there is something about novelty pins that I simply adore.

What is it about dangling shoe brooches that I can't ignore?
This one reminds me of Fred Astaire... get it HERE!
Of course I am a fan of kitsch, and those early novelty brooches have quite a bit o' kitsch! Poodles, bowling pins, cherries, cowboys... you name it, you can find it!

This lil' guy cracks me up! Look at that hair!
from etsy seller Brooches The Subject (amazing pins for sale!)
Aw Par-ee.. this sweet souvenir pin opens to display images of
Paris landmarks.. how awesome is that??
available on etsy
 Charming and sweet, vintage novelty pins reflect the interests of the everyday women of their time.

Yesterday the two newest pieces of my collection arrived. So exciting!

Howdy! Hehe!
I fell head over heels for this homage to three great big band leaders!
I am always on the lookout for new pins, and I am hoping that my upcoming Portland trip will yield great treasures!

Here are a few more adorable pieces that I've been dreaming about:

This pin is numero uno on my wish list. I first saw it when the ever fashionable
Atomic Redhead Janey wore it, and I died! Have to have it,
and yet it is impossible to find! I missed this beauty,
and the one below, by mere weeks! *sob*
source: etsy seller LisaLoot
source: ebay
Love it! on etsy NOW!
I have a lucite heart just like this that was my Grandma's!
Now I have to find a name pin to attach it to!
available HERE
What about you Poodles? Do you have any hoarding confessions? ;)


  1. My mom always wore broaches and wanted to pass them on to me before she died but I (as a 20 something) didn't like them so I declined. :( Oh how I regret that! I think I will probably collect them some day- with her in mind.

    I collect so many other vintage things! doilies, embroidered linens, baby planters, canisters, thermoses... The list could go on and on! ♥

  2. By the way- I love that little house you showed! I'm *really* missing having a 4th bedroom but we do have a garage to junkify! :)

    1. Many of the brooches I have, are inherited from others who inherited them from their moms. They aren't big brooch wearers, so they "loaned" them to me. I love it! And they love seeing someone enjoy a family pin! ;)

  3. Wow, I had that poodle-wearing-a-cowboy-hat pin when I was a kid back in the 60s, except mine was pink or lilac. I had totally forgotten about it till seeing yours.

    1. Love it!! That is my why I adore vintage items... all of the memories attached to each piece! Thank you for sharing!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. I actually have that record one but with different artists on it!! And the drumsticks are red instead of pink! How funny!!

    Thanks for the mention too! That is one of my favorites! My dad scored it in a bag of miscellaneous jewelry and other bits and bobbles!

    I'm swooning over that Ride 'Em brooch!


    1. We have such good taste! Haha! I saw it on ebay and thought it would be perfect for my cousin's jazz cd release party.
      Your brooch collection makes ME swoon! ;)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  5. I hoard canning jars. Once before I started hoarding canning jars I saw a CL ad for like 500 of them and I didn't get it and sometimes I still dream about those darn jars.

    1. I hate that! I saw this leopard print, goldish-cream brocade coat at Forever21 like 5 years ago; didn't buy it. So stupid of me. Still dream of it too! ;)

  6. Loving all of these treasures!!

    1. My friend and I like to go thrifting, and we always say, "Let's go find some treasures!" ;) Isn't that just how it feels when you stumble across a longed for item? It's like discovering gold! Hehe!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. Ooohh, as a fellow vintage brooch fanatic (and avid collector), I absolutely adored seeing some of your (stellar!) collection and wishlist items. OMG, the kiss timmer brooch is incredible! I want one sooo badly now, too.

    I collect a wide range of vintage brooches, but two subcategories that are especially near and dear to my heart are novelty brooches (I'm with you there big time!) and austrian glass fruit brooches (the latter in particular often being pretty pricey these days, so I don't have tons - about five now - but I love them to no end and will, I'm sure, keep investing in them over the years).

    Super fun post, dear gal!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That kiss timer is killing me! I basically search ebay every day now for one! ;)
      I just love the look of a great brooch. The novelty ones are so amazing! They are one of the few jewelry items I will spend money on.
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  8. i am on a hunt for these for you. there are a lot of shops in woodland and of course in Sac! i get nervous tho, because its not all vintage. i havent learned!! love you

  9. Hi - this is a great blog - and as a lover of vintage jewelry, your picks are awesome! As I was reading through your post, I found that you have included my dangling dancing shoes! Thank you so much! They remind me of Fred Astaire also! I also think of "singing in the rain"....LOL! Glad you can't hear me singing! LOL! Thank you for a fun post! I'm happy to have one of our items included!

    1. I love your dancing shoes!! I immediately thought Easter Parade, "Stepping Out With My Baby"! ;) Be glad you can't hear me sing either! Hahaha!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn