Monday, August 5, 2013

I spent yesterday in San Francisco...

 "A foggy day..." in San Francisco Town
Husband participated in the Giants 5K race with some friends, while I sat snugly in the stands enjoying the views and cheering them on.

I have NO IDEA how I managed to
capture this image off the Jumbotron!
AT&T park is a beautiful ball park, and this was probably my only chance to sit behind home plate. It was wonderful!

Home Plate!
The Pitcher's Mound!
On the field!!
All finished!
Having fun in the dugout
Good job Husband!
Afterwards we went for lunch near Ocean Beach, and visited one of my favorite San Francisco landmarks...

The fog and glare made it extremely
difficult to get a good color photo
...the Dutch Windmills!

Although both windmills are in need of repair, they are still an impressive and remarkable sight. The South Windmill holds the distinction of being the largest of its kind in the world; while the North Windmill is surrounded by the beauteous Queen Wilhelmina Garden. 

The ultimate time to see the garden is in spring when 1000s of tulips are in bloom, but it was still filled with an intoxicating array of perennial loveliness yesterday.

Hundreds of foxgloves stood tall and majestic amidst well-groomed lawns. Bumblebees buzzed all around, filling the air with the sound of their industry, while waves crashed on nearby Ocean Beach.

It was so very enchanting. I found myself wishing I could sit in that charming, picturesque garden all day.

If you are visiting San Francisco, I highly recommend a visit to glorious Golden Gate Park, and specifically, to see these distinctive pieces of local history.


  1. Great pictures, what a beautiful day!

  2. Seriously great job, Mr. Poodles!!! (I hope he won't me calling him that! :D) How fun that you two got to spend some time in San Fran, it's one of the top destinations on the west coast that I hope to make it to one day. I honestly haven't heard too much about the vintage shopping there, but I've always imagined it would be good, as the city has been so well populated for many, many decades now.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Mr. Poodles says thank you! ;)
      The vintage shopping is amazing, but can run towards the pricier side. At times it can be better to shop outside of the city. Of course, because I grew up here, I take for granted what an amazing and historical city, San Francisco is. But then I see something like the windmills, and I remember why it is such a beloved city. :)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. Amazing pictures. how did you get that shot? oh cuz you are awesome! i wish i could have gone but glad you both had fun.