Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage Memories

About a month ago I had the most amazing of days.

One filled to the brim with memories and true friendship. Bittersweet as many memories can be, and yet wonderful.

I went for a visit to my friend Lulu's house. She had recently moved, and it was my first visit to her new home. 

It took my breath away! Mid-century perfection!!! I felt like I was in a museum; each piece of furniture, each lamp, each perfectly metal-capped turned leg... WOW!!!!

Can we say "Vintage Pyrex"?? Like I've never seen before!

Good Housekeeping, June 1958
Photo credit: 
alsis35 (now at ipernity) / Foter / CC BY-NC

It started out as a simple stop-by to see her place and borrow a vintage hat from her insanely extensive collection. It ended with me longing for my grandma, and full of gratitude for a friend who understands how much the past can reach out and change us.

After a tour of the gorgeous place she calls HOME, Lulu, generous in all things, gave me a perfect pink spaghetti poodle planter, and a head vase wall pocket; both of which fit perfectly in my pink poodle bathroom. 

Then we headed into her bedroom where she pulled out dress after dress of the most exquisite vintage I have ever seen! And I got to touch it!! And try it on!!! With matching hats and gloves to boot!!!

Borrowed Treasures!
I almost wept over her handbags!!

A perfect petal hat!
Her divine collection ranges from the late 30's on through the 60's. There were dresses that I swear I remember my grandma wearing when I was little. The EXACT dress!

I need to schedule a tea date for this dress and gloves!
My grandma is pretty much THE reason I adore vintage; her obsessive hoarding (a depression child who kept everything), her pristine kitchen/dining items (many still in their box), her time-capsule home... all of these affected me deeply growing up.

My grandma was all about the ease of a house dress!
Seeing and touching and SMELLING Lulu's treasures, brought my grandma back to me so vividly. I remembered things I haven't thought of in years. I literally came home with tears of gratitude; for Lulu's amazing generosity, and for the memories she gave back to me. 

It was truly a day like no other. 

*Thank you my friend!*

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bella Bella Capri!

I've been dreaming of Capri.

That mysterious, sun drenched island nestled in the Mediterranean; with the scent of lemon blossoms carried on the ocean breeze.

Isn't amazing how scents and memories are so completely intertwined? 

My most favorite Ft. Bragg shop owner, Sheila Struckmeyer of Bella Mia, has been nominated by Martha Stewart for the American Made contest; a contest that "supports the local, and celebrates the handmade."

Her delicious creation Fiore, is a classic perfume reminiscent of old Hollywood starlets. I adore it. And with one of my last orders, the ever gracious Sheila, included a bar of her delectable Capri soap, in honor of my visit to Italy. 

How awesome is that??!!

 The scent immediately brought me back to the sun-drenched cliffs of Capri.

Unbelievably beautiful, Capri is a contrast in refined glamour and untamed scenery. While walking along a stunning cliffside path on my visit, I could imagine myself a character in a Mary Stewart novel. Voices from This Rough Magic and The Moonspinners seemed to float on the air. 

Husband and I stayed at an idyllic boutique hotel, the Excelsior Parco. Our room had the most breathtaking views, a fabulous terrace, and a private Jacuzzi for two! The staff were amazing. Helpful in every possible way; we were even upgraded for free! 

It was romantic and lovely, and I felt like a movie star of the 60's! Husband even purchased me sandals from the historic Canfora sandal shop; makers of the famous Capri sandal. The very same shop that catered to Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy Onassis! It was wonderful!

All too soon our halcyon visit was over. *sigh*

But whenever I feel a longing for that jewel of the Mediterranean, I draw a bath and breath in the scent of Capri a la' Bella Mia

***Thank you Sheila! And congratulations on your nomination!!!***

P.S. Voting begins August 26!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

These Shoes are on Fire!!!

Hi'ya Poodles!

Just wanted to share some fun with you...

Miss L Fire shoes are on sale on Trashy Diva, Imelda's, AND Amazon!!!!

The box alone made me giddy! Hehe!
This is wondrous news for all of us gals who have always wanted to own a pair of these sensational shoes!

I bought my very first pair while in Portland!! I was ecstatic! I nearly skipped out of the store!

Miss L Fire Tijuana
Purchased at Imelda's in Portland!
Shoe Sale + No Tax = Happy Hoarder! Haha!

How cute is that label??
Go forth and shop Poodles!!! 

P.S. More Portland good times... here's some AMAZING music to listen to while you shop, or anytime!! And some pics of my favorite people, at a fantastic CD release party!!! Enjoy!!

Greg Goebel on Piano (my Cousin!!!)- Rainy City CD Release @Ivories in Portland

My cousin Heidi and I! Love her to pieces!! 
Cousins! These are my girls!!
Do a little extra shopping and grab my cousin's awesome First Solo Album, Rainy City! Available thru NinJazz Records! Yay Greg!!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's in the Bag!

This past weekend I was a Portland Poodle.

I headed up to Portland, OR with Husband for a weekend of fun, family, and SHOPPING!!

Vintage shopping to be precise. How did I not know Portland was the place to find all the vintage treasures I had been searching for?? 

So much fun! We went all over the city, and found some amazing deals. Everything was ridiculously low priced! Some items, identical to ones sold near me, were a quarter of the price found here. Plus, no sales tax! Bonus!

Had I driven to Portland, I would have come home with lamps, tables, curtains, and pyrex; but since we flew, I had to limit myself to smaller items. Bummer!

Since handbags fall into that smaller size category, and since I am a handbag hoarder, I of course wanted to bring a few new bags home!

Hehe! I get giddy everytime I look at my new treasures!!

Here they are!!!

Perfect box bag purchased from the beautiful Sarah
of Simply Vintage Boutique and etsy shop Stutterinmama!

Adorable pink purse found at Lulu's Vintage

Cutest Little Bag Ever. Found it at Bettie Page Clothing store!

One of my favorite finds, was this Enid Collins original!
And appropriately, it features a cable car!
found at Magpie Vintage
Aren't they all fantastic?! ;)

Cable Car Bag!!
I brought home many other fabulous finds, establishing this as one of my most exciting shopping trips EVER!  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunshine Style!

Gingham, oh gingham, how do I love thee?/ You are for picnics and sunshine/ And dogs named Mitzy!

Haha! I crack myself up!

I found a gingham dress Poodles! Finally! 

Alas, it is not that most desirable of dresses, the Trashy Diva Hopscotch, but it is VINTAGE! And it was budget-friendly!

Isn't it cute?? I brought my trusty measuring tape into a local vintage shop (Hot Couture!), and told the ever-so-friendly and adorable shop girl, that I was on a gingham quest. 

Her reply, "I have just the thing!" She went into the back and pulled out a few dresses with my measurements, and this darling dress was among them!

It is the perfect length for my short stature, AND it twirls fabulously! 

I love twirling, don't you? It is one of my favorite things about vintage 50's dresses.

I wore it this past Sunday out in my tiny blooming garden, and Mitzy approved wholeheartedly!

Oh lovely gingham/ You are such fun!/ Especially when twirling/ in the late Summer sun!


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Poodle Pins

I feel like I should start a series entitled, "Confessions of a Vintage Hoarder Collector".


I have a lot of "collections"; shoes, dresses, purses... the list goes on.

So much so, that when we last moved, Husband promised me the 4th bedroom in our house to store all my "junk". (How dare he??)

I said, who needs 4 bedrooms anyways?? Ridiculous. Husband is a large man though, and enjoys his space.

And he REALLY wanted his own closet. Ha!

Only THREE bedrooms??!! What would Husband do?? Ha!
My latest collection obsession has been all about vintage brooches. 

Some of my collection! The bananas are part of a set that
Husband gave me for our 5 year anniversary. They are my favorite! 
I love all vintage jewelry, but there is something about novelty pins that I simply adore.

What is it about dangling shoe brooches that I can't ignore?
This one reminds me of Fred Astaire... get it HERE!
Of course I am a fan of kitsch, and those early novelty brooches have quite a bit o' kitsch! Poodles, bowling pins, cherries, cowboys... you name it, you can find it!

This lil' guy cracks me up! Look at that hair!
from etsy seller Brooches The Subject (amazing pins for sale!)
Aw Par-ee.. this sweet souvenir pin opens to display images of
Paris landmarks.. how awesome is that??
available on etsy
 Charming and sweet, vintage novelty pins reflect the interests of the everyday women of their time.

Yesterday the two newest pieces of my collection arrived. So exciting!

Howdy! Hehe!
I fell head over heels for this homage to three great big band leaders!
I am always on the lookout for new pins, and I am hoping that my upcoming Portland trip will yield great treasures!

Here are a few more adorable pieces that I've been dreaming about:

This pin is numero uno on my wish list. I first saw it when the ever fashionable
Atomic Redhead Janey wore it, and I died! Have to have it,
and yet it is impossible to find! I missed this beauty,
and the one below, by mere weeks! *sob*
source: etsy seller LisaLoot
source: ebay
Love it! on etsy NOW!
I have a lucite heart just like this that was my Grandma's!
Now I have to find a name pin to attach it to!
available HERE
What about you Poodles? Do you have any hoarding confessions? ;)