Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Won!!

I won, I won, I won!

Well... sort of. Hehe!

I bid on an amazing handbag on eBay, and I won the auction!!! So exciting!!

But as Husband is fond of telling me, it's not really winning when you still have to pay.
Still a winner!
Always the practical one. HA!

Despite having to pay at the end, it is still incredibly exciting to win a bid on an item you are longing to own!

Like this fantabulous vintage wicker bag!

Such shimmering chrysanthemum, lucite loveliness! It's the perfect summer purse!

I love vintage labels!! So much history!!
It pairs perfectly with one of my newest vintage treasures- a bakelite mahjong bracelet!

I'd say I definitely won, in the style department at least! Ha!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi Poodles!!!!

Why, hello there!! 

I've been at home, taking some time to adjust to a few changes in my meds. But I'm feeling much better now!

So get ready for a plethora of posts...

...because I've missed you Poodles!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

And the Nominees Are...

Have you heard the news??
Poodles and PinCurls was nominated for a Liebster Award!!!

First by the most stylish and gorgeous grandma ever, Denise at RetroGran...

Retro Gran

...and then by my fellow Californian, retro fabulous Deborah of Hellcat Vintage!

Hellcat Vintage
Thank you so much to these two lovely ladies!!! Head on over to their blogs to meet my Poodle pals!

The Liebster Award (Liebster = German for dearest), is given by previously nominated bloggers to 11 fellow bloggers. 
It is a fun and an easy way to get to know each other better; and a fantastic way to learn about new blogs. Blogs that you may end up adoring and adding to your own reading list!

So without further ado, here are my 22(!) answers to the two sets of questions sent me:

First from Denise:

1. What have you learned from blogging?
 Being a blogger is a full-time job that you better love! 'Cause it can CONSUME your time!!

2. How much time do you spend working on your blog?
 24/7! ;) I'm always trying to think of new posts, or starting drafts, or taking pics, etc. I'll see something and think, "That would be awesome for Poodles!"

3. What is your guilty pleasure? 
Etsy! Definitely. So many sellers, so little time. ;)

4. Are you punctual or tardy? 
TARDY! Procrastination all the way!

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
 Rome. I loved it there and long for it every day. :(

6. What's your favorite book, tv program, and film?
Book: As a teen- the Anne Series of course! Now- Rosamunde Pilcher's Coming Home. It affected me so much, and still does. TV: Masterpiece. Film: Now that's a  toughy... ummm.. it's a tie between Sleepless in Seattle and Moonstruck. (Don't even get me started on classic films... Now, Voyager- & any other Bette Davis movie, Meet Me in St. Louis, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof...and on and on and on!)

7. If you could throw a dinner party and invite anyone in the world, living or not, who would you invite and why?
Jane Austen- for her wit!

8. Do you have a particular style icon or guru?
Celebrity- Betty Grable! She was definitely a Poodle! I adore her elaborate hairstyles! All those rolls!! In bloggerland- Atomic Redhead Janey! A fellow Disneyland fanatic, she has the most amazing collection of vintage clothing and accessories... always perfectly paired!! (Have you seen her brooches?!!) AND the always beautiful, adorable, lovely, funny, and stylish Ashley aka Lisa Freemont Street!! I've been watching her YouTube channel since she started. She is awesome!

9. What do you draw inspiration from, magazines, films, blogs or something else?
 All of the above! Hehe! Plus of course the inspiration site of all-time: Pinterest!!

10. If you had to live in any other time period besides now, which one would you pick?
 Late 40's, early 50's California... or maybe Victorian England, in a fabulous estate with a billion servants! HA! Tea on the lawn and masquerade balls!!!

11. What is your proudest moment thus far? 
Blog-wise? Making it to six months! Actually sticking with something and loving it!!!

IBM Electric - 1954
From Deborah:

1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
As my Parkinson's developed, I needed something to help with hand dexterity, keep my mind focused, and to give me a project to fill the long hours at home.

2. When did you first fall for vintage/rockabilly fashion?
When I was a little girl, my grandma kept everything, and I would entertain myself for hours dressing up in her vintage jewelry and gazing through her clothing and household kitsch. I loved it!!

3. If you could meet anyone from any time period, who would it be?
Besides Jane Austen... Cleopatra- maybe she could share her beauty secrets with me, and how to charm your man into anything... Ha!!

4. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be?

5. What is your favorite food?
Um food!-Hahahaha! I love it all, but my go-to comfort food is fancy mac n cheese; the kind with bacon and bread crumbs and a million different cheeses. YUM! And olives; I could eat olives all day, every day!

6. You win the lottery…what do you do with the money?
Donate. Invest. Save. And buy a villa in Rome filled with dresses and shoes!!! ;)

7. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Do Tell...
See question 3 above!

8. If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Ugh! So not possible! I guess a little black dress- classic and goes with everything.

9. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
I know you're all sick of hearing it BUT... Italy! Italy! Italy!

10. When you were little, what did you want to be? Did you accomplish that dream?
I think I wanted to live at Green Gables, have a farm, and marry Gilbert. ;) That wasn't exactly possible, but I did marry my "ideal". Hehe!

11. If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one luxury would you want to have with you?
Books. I could make my own face and hair products from the coconuts!! ;)

Stay tuned for my next post, filled with my own set of nominees and questions!! Hehe!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer of the Muumuu!

Aloha Poodles!!

Check out this amazing dress I found at the local Goodwill for a mere $4! 

My family said it was hideous. My friend said, "it may be vintage, but it's ugly." And Husband just rolled his eyes.

They couldn't see the potential Poodles! But I knew this dress would instantly transport me to 1960's Hawaii. I could see the palm trees, hear the ocean waves, and feel the warmth of the sand beneath my toes. 

So I brought it home, gave it a good wash, slipped it on, and slipped away. Soon I was sippin' on a tropical cocktail, while swaying to the sounds of Aloha Oe

It's my Summer of the Muumuu! Have a vacation with a dress!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Matt(e)...in the Nude!~ Poodle Products

Matt Hung is my boyfriend.

So is Matt Lombardi, Matt Malloy, and sometimes, so is Matt Rosen.

So many Matt's, so little time... 
And the best part is, I have them all in the palm of my hand!! 

Don't panic Poodles! I'm talking about my new Meet Matt(e) Nude palette from theBalm!

Easily one of the best eyeshadow palettes I've tried, Meet Matt(e) Nude is awesome! 

I purchased it at a discounted price on HauteLook during their last sale of theBalm. I had been eyeing it for awhile, but after having been disappointed before by other nude palettes, I didn't have much hope that this palette could be as good, or as matte, as it seemed.

Yay for being proved wrong!! Matt(e) is filled with the consummate combination of nude shades. It sets my neutral-loving heart a-fluttering!

The packaging is great too. Cute retro boy on front, good size mirror inside, and just right for holding in one hand while applying shadow with the other. And did I mention the GINGHAM background??

And, as the front cover says, size does matter! Unlike other palettes I've tried, these shadows are huge! Actual full size, not a sample-sized illusion!

theBalm's Give Crease A Chance eyeshadow brush
is the ideal size for this palette!
I have only two issues with this palette. (I'm sorry Matt(e), you aren't all that!)

One- I use a lot of white shadow for a vintage eye look, and Matt Malloy is a little too vanilla in shade for my taste. I wish he was a bit brighter.

Two- I have found some of the shadows to be a trifle chalky/powdery; AKA they get all over the place and make a mess (I'm looking at you Matt Rosen!). I dislike this as it wastes product and makes my cute palette messy. 

Other than that, Matt(e) Nude is the perfect man... I mean palette!

Don't be jealous Husband. Haha!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Skincare!~Poodle Promo!!!

It's official Poodles; I'm a bit cranky.

(Husband is trying not to laugh and say, "A bit?")

Cranky?? MoĆ­?!
It's hot, it's humid, and I feel sticky. 


Conversely, my hair and face are dry. It is soooo very vexing!

**side note: Why DO the sheep next door insist on BAAAA-ING every morning at 5??? 


Seriously Sheep??? It's 5!! It's Summer! Let me sleep!
Desperately in need of cheering, I took some time to catch up with my favorite ladies in blogger-land.

Guess what I read right off the bat??? 

There's a sale going on at Glory Be Herbals!! My favorite Etsy shop for my skin care woes!!

Keep that Schoolgirl Complexion, or Lose your Man!
I ordered my cold cream JUST IN TIME!!! HA!
It was exactly the news I needed!!! I loaded up my cart with some favorite items (cold cream, boo boo stick, and comfrey salve!), and am now anxiously awaiting their arrival!

Your skin looks so OLD Lois! Hahaha!
My skin and I are breathing sighs of relief!

Give your skin some comfort! Head on over to
Glory Be Herbals and enter discount code JULY4
and receive 20% off your order until July 20!
(I think I heard Husband mutter, "Me too!" Hmmm...)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wish List Wednesday

The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, the birds are chirping, and I'm... online shopping. 

It's 102 degrees outside and I have A/C; can you really blame me?? 

I'll go outside tomorrow... maybe.
Carrier Air Conditioner, 1954
I LOVE window-shopping online! I like hearting things on Etsy, putting items on my eBay watch list, and saving for later on Amazon. It's all the fun of shopping, without having to pay for anything! Plus it helps me keep track of the things I want, and the things I actually need.

*Why are the things I need, never-ever as much fun as the things I want? Bleh!

This is the Summer of Gingham for me. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect gingham dress, with the perfect price tag.

1950's Toni Todd Red Gingham dress
via ebay seller Vintage Chamber
And since this past anniversary Husband complained that "women should just say what they want, and not hope their husbands get it right," I thought I'd start a little weekly wish list. (Notice the title of this post is Wish List Wednesday?? Ha! My cousin came into town and I never published this!)

Pay attention Husband! Hehe!!

I would die to find a vintage 50's gingham dress. But it is near impossible for me to find vintage dresses with my waist size. (Seriously, who has a 24 inch waist?? Is it time for a girdle??)

Yeah, I don't see myself getting this excited over a GIRDLE!
Perma-lift ad, 1953
Dollydagger, an adorable retro shop out of Brighton, UK, has this sweet little number available...

Brighton Belle dress, available in blue or black
While Hell Bunny has their own versions in the same style as my Strawberry Dress...

Chantal Gingham

But of course Trashy Diva is leading the pack with the Hopscotch Dress. I posted it before, but it deserves a second mention. It is too-too cute, and too-too pricey for me right now. *sigh*

Vintage Straw Hat- Etsy
1950's White gloves- Etsy
Vintage Seashell Strawberry earrings & brooch- Etsy
1960's wicker basket purse- Etsy
Miss L Fire Sundae shoes- Dollydagger
What do you think Poodles? What's your favorite Summer look?

**And Husband, never tell a woman to be more specific! HA!!!