Friday, June 7, 2013

Vacanze Romane

Roman Holiday is one of my all-time favorite films.

I just watched it again for the first time since returning from Rome. And I won't deny it, I teared up.

Who am I kidding?? I cried buckets.

Ti amo Roma!!

One of my dearest dreams has always been to go to Rome, and do everything Audrey Hepburn does in the movie.

Well, almost everything...

I did NOT want to drive a Vespa (have you seen the drivers in Italy??), or fall asleep on a wall and basically get picked up by a random stranger.

Roman Holiday was Audrey Hepburn's first starring role,
and she won an Oscar for it. She was amazing.
*side note: Isn't Gregory Peck adorable in this film??

So, with that in mind, here is my Vacanze Romane!!!

First stop: Gelato on the Spanish Steps of course!

The Spanish Steps as seen from Via Condotti
Dreams do come true!
This fountain is located directly in front of the Spanish Steps.
I never noticed it in the movie until after my visit to Rome.
You can step out on it and drink directly from the waters!

Off to the Colosseum!

Next, the Forum, where Joe and Princess Ann meet for the first time.

Husband was trying to be artsy!
Palatine Hill
Bellissima gardens!
Throw a coin over your shoulder into the Fontana di Trevi, and wish to return to Rome! The Eternal City!

Don't forget the Pantheon! The cafe where "Anya/Smitty" drinks champagne is no longer there. But you can always stroll on over to the...

Raphael's Tomb

By day...
...and by night, one of the most stunning sights in Rome!
...Piazza Navona! A beautiful, long square filled with artists, cafes, and three fantastic fountains!!

Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers
Close-up on the "Ganges"

Neptune Fountain
Don't be fooled by the refreshing and light look of
an Aperol Spritz... it is STRONG!!
And a favorite of locals throughout Italy.
One of my favorite scenes in Roman Holiday, takes place at the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth). Gregory Peck played a little trick on the young Audrey, placing his hand in the mouth and pretending to get it stuck! Audrey shrieks and tries frantically to pull his arm out, and then the two of them burst into real and adorable laughter!!

Husband clearly didn't get the memo to ham it up!

There was no barge for dancing on the River Tiber...

...and I didn't get my hair cut...

...but we had a wonderful Roman holiday!

Baccano (near the Fontana di Trevi),
one of the nicest places to have a delicious, fresh, and unique drink.
Plus, their bathroom is CLEAN! Hehe!
In the final lines of the movie, Princess Ann is asked which of the cities she visited was her favorite. Her answer echoes the feelings of my own heart, "Rome! By all means, Rome. I shall cherish my visit here in memory, as long as I live."

Buckets! I need a tissue!!


  1. Oh CoriLynn! I love all these adorable pics of you and thanks for including the movie clip! I know I've seen the movie before but it's been years so I'll have to watch the whole thing again.

    My husband just turned 60 and he's finally getting the ham it up memo! Ha-ha! Took him long enough!

    1. It's one of my favorites!! Audrey Hepburn was fabulous in it! My trip and memories brought a whole new dimension to the film. My son completely made fun of me for crying so much! ;)
      As we walked away from the Mouth of Truth, my Husband looked at the pics and said, "Oh I didn't think about making a face. I should've acted out something." Ya think?? Ha!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun. And.... Gregory Peck was dreamy. ;)

    1. It was a wonderful trip!! It was extremely hard to wade through all the pictures and just pick these ones.
      Gregory Peck is so so handsome in this!

  3. All of your wonderful posts, photos and discussions about Europe lately have stirred up my wanderlust something fierce, dear gal, let me tell you! What a joy it's been to travel vicariously through your posts and to spend even more time than usual daydreaming about maybe, just maybe, going on my own Italian (and French) adventure one day.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I am lusting after Rome myself since I've come home! I miss it awfully. But it is wonderful to be able to share these pictures and memories with you!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. You look amazing!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I haven't even posted any pictures of Venice or Capri. I'm too afraid of overwhelming everyone with my sentimental words!! ;)