Friday, June 28, 2013

Why Hello There bloglovin'

On Monday, Google reader will be... no more.


What shall I do??? 

No need to swoon Poodles!!! Just skip on over to bloglovin'!

With a click of a button, you can import all the blogs you follow. Easy peezy lemon squeezy!
I'm not really sure what's goin' on with Google Friend Connect, but since that's how I followed all the blogs I read, and they all imported over to bloglovin', I'm thinking it may be going buh-bye! (How's that for a run-on sentence?!)

I put a little bloglovin' button in my sidebar; click on that to create an account. Bloglovin' will then ask if you want to import the blogs you read; click that and whoosh! Over they come! 

If you want new posts delivered straight to your e-mail ("You love me, you really love me"), click on the cute girl at the mailbox on the right to subscribe!

Seriously though Poodles, thank you for reading my silliness! You all are so sweet and loving, and you always make me smile. Your words and thoughtfulness help keep me going, even on the roughest of days.

Thank you for following and for all
the encouraging comments! I love hearing
from you Poodles!
So I hope I see you Monday! You've got all weekend, but go ahead and push that bloglovin' button now if you'd like! 

Time for bloglovin'! Time for bloglovin'!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Making Memories... What a Pain!

So I made a slideshow of my parent's anniversary party...

...perfectly timed to the perfectly matched Disney song...

...and I thought I would share it with you Poodles.

But yeah, that's not going to happen.

Long story short, no Disney music. Copyrighted, duh. And uploading the five minute show was too much for blogger to handle.

So I split it up into SEVEN shorter clips, that blogger could actually deal with. It's really cool when it's all together.

And has music. 


Hehe. Enjoy!

Takin' a Trip Down Memory Main Street

I've been busy as a bee lately...

Hi Poodles!!
...planning a surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary Party for my parents, along with my sisters.

I had the brilliant idea to stage the party as "memory lane", and set up 3 different rooms with 3 different themes. (You know I can't resist theming things!)

Yeah, I'm awesome. HA!

The first room was Disneyland based, where my parents had their first date on November 23, 1972. That one was the most fun to stage because we are all HUGE Disney fan freaks in my family. And I especially love that Disneyland is a mid-century treasure trove!

Check out this awesome atomic print found at the
Pizza Port in Tomorrowland! It was specially created
for Disney by Melinamade Fabrics.
Many of our guests asked where I had found/purchased so many Disney items for the decor; they couldn't quite hide their shocked amusement when I explained that I already owned everything from our million and one trips to Disneyland over the years!

 I added many of the Disneyland treasures
I've collected, to my beloved bookcase.
The Pirates/New Orleans Square vignette was my favorite!
My younger sister built a rendition of Sleeping Beauty's castle out of foam core. It is so cool, I don't want to take it down!

I had some fun with PicMonkey today!
All lit up at night, just like the real thing! So pretty!
We even placed a small carousel horse inside the gate,
precisely like Disneyland!
The next room was set in my already somewhat retro-diner themed kitchen area, so it was much easier to arrange. My parent's got engaged at Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Southern CA, where they often went on dates. (My son found this to be hilarious, repeatedly saying, "Bob's Big Boy?? Like the blue cheese dressing? Who gets engaged at Bob's Big Boy?!" I told him to ask his Grandpa about that one. Ha!)

I edited a vintage Bob's menu for the party-
our friends then ordered off the menu! So fun!
*side note: Dad eventually got it right; re-proposing to my mom at Disneyland on their 35th anniversary!

Like I said Poodles, Disney FREAKS!

My older sister was in charge of the third room, a re-creation of the cake table and flowers from my parent's wedding reception. All of which turned out beautifully!

Good Job Sista!

 Lulu gave me a perfect
beehive and gorgeous makeup to match the
wedding reception. She rocks!
40 years in pictures
We ended the night with a stupendous surprise! Fireworks, created by my younger sister and I, went off right over the castle!! She made a dvd of fireworks she found on YouTube, and I created a soundtrack for it out of a couple different Disneyland fireworks shows my parents have seen over the years. I then mixed in some fireworks sounds, and Boom! Literally!

Not the best quality, but still pretty cool huh?!
The party was great fun, and my parents loved it. But I think my younger sister and I had the most fun, enjoying all our hard work with a little trip down Memory Main Street. Ha! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Happy 40 Years!!!

Now I need to have a cocktail party completely themed as Disneyland!

Husband just yelled, "NO!" HA! 

Hmmm... we'll have to see about that...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Peggy Sue Poodles

A couple of weeks ago I went cruisin'... the Peggy Sue Cruise! A classic car show!!

First car of the day; wow!!
I was a little too excited about this vintage taxi!!
Having never been before, I wasn't sure what to expect; but I had so much fun! Beer and wine tasting, a chili/pasta cook off, and beautiful vintage cars!

There was a vendor selling the most amazing
hand-painted parasols. So even though I
brought my own, I had to buy one. Right Poodles?!
Don't even ask me the make/model of any of these; I have no idea! I am completely illiterate when it comes to cars. They were all simply lovingly restored pieces of history to me!

There was one adorable pink car, but I never quite made it over to where it was parked. I went with Husband and a couple of friends; all of whom are 6 ft and taller! I had to wear wedges so I could hear their conversations!! Wedges meant more standing around, and less making the rounds.

I had to stand next to this cute mint green car!
It matched my dress! HA!
 Loving the print on this Hell Bunny dress!
It is perfect for Summer!
This is my stunningly GORGEOUS friend Lulu!
Check out her YouTube channel, mylulu2,
for some awesome hair/makeup tutorials!
I can't wait to go again next year!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Poodle Powder Room

I love Poodles!

Poodle skirts, poodle hair, poodle figurines; oh how I adore the kitsch of it all!

So when Husband and I moved into a home with a half-bath, I knew just what I wanted to do. I would finally have the pink powder room of my dreams!!


It's a work in progress, but I thought I'd share what I've done so far...

I painted the walls peachy pink, and placed my very first pink spaghetti poodle on a vintage pink shelf.

My friend Vikki, gave me the sweet little poodle on the left. My friend Sal gave me the one on the right.

Amazingly, Sal randomly found and purchased the matching piece to the poodle Vikki gave me, without any knowledge of it. Love it!!!

I found these chalkware poodles on Etsy, and then my friend/hair-stylist extraordinaire, gave me the  vintage poodle tissue box. Isn't it darling??

Aren't friends the best?? Love you Poodles!

Look at this retro Barbie and her poodle! They're a perfect pair!!

Right now, one wall has nothing on it, and I'm not sure what to do with it. More chalkware? 

Hazel Atlas Poodle Plates available here on Etsy
I can't wait to try this idea I found on Pinterest! 

DIY atomic starburst stencil
And of course, there is always room for more poodles!!! 

Isn't she a cutie?! I love those flowers she is holding!
Source: Etsy
How about a charming poodle family??

And a vase always comes in handy...

You can find it here!
Soon my pink poodle powder room will be complete! Any advice for me Poodles? 

Monday, June 10, 2013

One Dress, Four Cities

I am a clothes hoarder. 

More specifically, I hoard dresses. And shoes. For years.

It may be a problem, but I choose to look at it positively. 

"Of course you do," Husband just said. How dare he?? HA!

Because of this "habit", when I shop for dresses, I look for ones with a classic style, that are well-made, and will last through the changing tides of fashion trends.

Trashy Diva dresses fit those requirements perfectly! Beautiful frocks that could be straight out of the 1940s/50s; but also have a graceful charm that appeals to those without a vintage esthetic.

I am DYING over this new Trashy Diva design.
The Hopscotch Dress.
Could it be more adorable??
I own five Trashy Diva dresses, purchased over the past few years. But if I could, my whole wardrobe would be filled with them! The fit of each dress is extremely flattering, and there has not been one, that I did not adore instantly. 

The creative force behind Trashy Diva, is owner Candice Gwinn; and she knows exactly how to design a dress that is fetching, feminine, AND practical! (Yay for pockets!)

Each time I wear one of her designs, I receive enough compliments to make a gal blush! And who doesn't want to feel pretty when they get dressed up??

So... I HAD to bring a couple of my dresses to Italy. Right??? Right.

One dress, in fact, kept conjuring itself up in my imagination as being the ideal dress for certain cities. I could see myself strolling the streets of Rome in it, shopping for sandals in Positano, and wandering through museums in Florence.

Hopscotch in Rome!
Handmade sandals in Positano
The Duomo in Florence
One dress, four cities in Italy, and it looked fabulous each time!!! It is the definitive wardrobe staple.

At the Colosseum; I felt like I was on the set of a 1950's film.
Ancient fountain at the Forum. I love how the colors
of the dress pop!
Gelato Festival in Florence. Yum!
Face-timing my Sister at the Duomo.
Positano at night. Such a GORGEOUS print!!!
And the full skirt conceals those necessary pockets!
Cocktails at Chez Black in Positano.
My favorite spot for drinks, food, and the MOST
wonderful service! I loved everyone there!
Last night of my trip. Rome.
So I cheated; it is really only three cities. Ha!
But Rome twice should count as two!
What else would I wear when trying
caviar for the first time?! Hehe!
The Fountain of Trevi at night is a beautiful sight!
Ciao Roma!
The Walk in the Park dress... simply lovely. 

*PS... Trashy Diva is having an AWESOME sale right now!!! Check it out!