Friday, May 31, 2013

Parisian Poodles

*WARNING: Prepare yourself for an extremely long, sentimental post about Paris!! With pics!

Bonjour Poodles!!

I wore my Grandma's poodle pin
throughout Paris!! 
Paris was the first stop on our European Vacation, and it was glorious!!

Our hotel was a mere few blocks from the bea-u-ti-ful Palais Garnier Opera House!

The Palais Garnier Opera House
was the inspiration for the opera house
in the Gaston Leroux novel, The Phantom of the Opera!
I loved it!! And so did Husband!!
So very beautiful!!
The Grand Staircase!
source: Wikimedia Commons
The Hotel Edouard 7 is a delightful boutique hotel, with the most wonderful staff. Friendly, helpful, and genuinely nice. Our room was spotlessly clean (which is always top of my list), had gorgeous furnishings, and a MASSIVE bathroom!!

Hotel Edouard 7
39 Avenue de l'Opera
Insanely comfortable bed and
gorgeous damask fabric walls!! 
HUGE, CLEAN bathroom, with a wonderfully hot
and powerful shower! Plus tons of storage!
And the breakfast!!! Oh my!! Never have I had a croissant like I had my first morning in Paris! So utterly flakey and fluffy! Followed by a precisely made, true omelet with an amazing dressing, REAL hot chocolate, and butter for everything. Creamy, delicious, "this is what butter is supposed to taste like", butter!

Breakfast in a beautiful room
with an incredible view!

There was so much to see and do in Paris, that there was no way we could fit it all in two days! But we did our best!!

One of my favorite places we visited, was the Jardin des Tuileries; where I caught my FIRST view of the Eiffel Tower! I was ecstatic!

Lawn Mower! Ha!
You must hold hands with your loved one,
as you stroll thru the Jardin des Tuileries!
I also adored the Champ de Mars! A superb garden space, right in front of the Eiffel Tower!!

I was dizzy with happiness at being so close to the Eiffel Tower, and I did a lot of frolicking there.


I wore this charming dress by Bernie Dexter for my first Eiffel Tower visit!
It has a print reminiscent of Monet's gardens at Giverny.
I wore it several times on my trip, and it always looked fabulous!!
My sister was horrified to learn that I did not step one toe inside the Louvre. Eek! It was ginormous!! I was overwhelmed just being outside of it and seeing the sheer size of the museum. Plus, I'm an impressionist lover, and the D'Orsay was my museum of choice. Sorry sister.

Too Much!! Aaaahh!
Musee d'Orsay
No cameras allowed inside, but the
paintings were exquisite!
Riding on the double decker Rouge Buses, was a great way to get around the city and see all the major sites. We could get on and off as we liked, and it saved us much time and effort trying to find places on our own.

Hop on Les Cars Rouges at the Palais Garnier,
and Hop off at the Arc de Triomphe!
We spent most of one of our two days, at Versailles. Even more overwhelming in scope than the Louvre, Versailles was acre upon acre of loveliness! So much to see and do!!! My favorite area was the Petit Trianon, and the tiny village hamlet built for Marie Antoinette.

Outside the Golden Gates of Versailles
The Hall of Mirrors

Path to the Petit Trianon

We sat for a spell, and had pretty pastel Ladurée macarons
outside the Petit Trianon! Scrumptious!!!
These enchanting gardens in the Queen's Hamlet,
reminded me so much of
Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor's garden!
Such orderly rows!!

Our two days in Paris flew by, and soon it was time to say Au Revoir!!

A romantic evening to end our Parisian getaway!
Next it will be Buon Giorno Roma!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Perfect, Perfect Italy!

Oh Italy... "sweet, sweet the memories you gave a-me. You can't beat the memories you gave a-me."

And Dean, oh Dean; there was not one day that passed by on my Italian getaway, without my listening to Dean Martin.

Dean Martin~ "The King of Cool"
"Memories are MADE of This"!!!

My Favorite city in Italy: Venezia!!
Such wonderful, wonderful memories! Beautiful places, lovely people, and de-licious food!!!

Capri Lunch-time

Anyone know where I can get real gelato in Northern California?

Gelato on the Spanish Steps!
I'm in serious gelato withdrawal. Ha!

I will try and split up each location I visited into separate posts, otherwise it would be too overwhelming. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Positano, Amalfi Coast
For now, I just want to say how very much I loved Italy. It felt like I had come home. Like I belonged. And it was truly enchanting and beautiful, and oh so right.

The Rooftops of Rome
So this is my tribute to Italy, my home away from home!

Piazza di Spagna, Rome
Missed you Poodles!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

"On the Isle of Capri..."

How is it that I can find anything that I am feeling within the songs of Frank and Dean??


Oh how I love those two fellas!

"Flowers were bloomin' round" us, all on "the Isle of Capri"!! ~ Frank Sinatra said it, baby!

Can't wait to tell you Poodles all about it!! 

Until then...


Sunday, May 19, 2013

"My Happy Heart Sings..."

Ahhh Dean Martin; so handsome, so talented, so... Italian!

His song of love, Volare, will forever remind me of my visit to...

"No wonder my happy heart sings!"
Venice!!!!! The most beautiful and romantic of cities!! Bellissima! 

I did not ever want to leave. *sigh*

But I'm off again, traveling south by train to...?

HeHe!! Ciao Barboncini!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"On an Evening in..."

Buonasera Poodles!

I am on the next leg of my whirlwind tour! Can you guess where I am now?? Follow my footsteps thru out Italy!

Piazza Navona

 I will try and post when I can, but this Blogger app is a pain! Boo!

Ciao Poodles!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cool Cat Style

Poodles, I am a total nerd.
May the Fourth be With You
I love books, sci-fi/comic book movies/TV shows (don't get me started on Battlestar Galactica), and quoting from 80s/90s comedies. I know that today is Star Wars Day (HeHe), and I watch Jeopardy, for fun.

All of the above is part of why I am a Poodle and not a Kitten.

But that doesn't mean I can't have Cool Cat status. HeHe.

Look what I got...

These are the ultimate in hip-cat style.

I could not find either item online, so I'm guessing they are about to be released for Summer. But one of the perks of having a Pro-License, is being able to shop at wholesale beauty stores. I walked into a local one yesterday, and these were waiting for me.

They came in mint, baby blue, and red; and they were all fabulous!!! I adore vintage mint items, and I had to have this classic looking dryer! Right???

Mint is the cutest... unless there's pink
My friend Lulu made me this awesome pillow
to match my living room walls! Love it!!
Plus I got it at a wholesale price. Bargain awesomeness!!

These have me doing the Stray Cat Strut...

Everything looks better in MINT!!!