Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trips & Treasures!

"Oh, heavenly day/ All the clouds blew away/ Got no trouble today/ ...Oh heavenly day, heavenly day, heavenly day..."! ~Patty Griffin

Best friends, good food, and the sweet ocean air; that is what awaits me each time I visit Fort Bragg, here in California. And this past weekend was no exception.

The original poodle~
Filled to the brim with new and old memories, that overflowed together with the sounds of happiness and anticipation; this weekend was awesome!

"Tippy" and I have been doing this same pose,
on this same Mendocino bridge, since we were in our early 20's~
It's tradition!!
Fort Bragg is a tiny seaside town, where each street boasts an ocean view! And everyone knows everyone by name. Just up the road is gorgeous Mendocino! It is the more famous and picturesque of the two cities, but I always think of Mendocino as being for the tourists; Fort Bragg is for the locals.

Mendocino, CA...
A picture perfect town!
Me and Sydney Jayne! 
My friend "Tippy's" family have always lived in Fort Bragg. Her Aunt Nona resides in-town, in a quintessential ranch house, filled to the brim with antiques and vintage details. (I'm going to do another post just about that amazing house!) While her Aunt Maryann lives on a breathtakingly beautiful piece of property, where she breeds Border Collies.

Fort Bragg, CA!
A typical Fort Bragg front garden~
Rhododendrons in bloom!
Maryann's Property~
See the deer?
How bout now?
I swear I saw more deer this weekend,
than I ever have in my life!
New Border Collie pups!
Too cute Tunnel Hill Border Collies!
These pups are so popular,
I think there is only one left out of this litter!
An avid consignment store shopper, "Nonie" knows where the deals are to be found! Following her lead, "Tippy", her mom ("Jeanne the Queen!"), and I, made the rounds to all the notable shops in Fort Bragg.

These are the best of the best that Fort Bragg has to offer:

*My favorite consignment shop ~ Humane Society's Ark Thrift Store! Sooooo many treasures!!!! And a separate book section! Score!!!

My exquisite new pink and iridescent vase!
A lovely vintage wall vase...
with matching iridescent tones!!
They both go perfectly with my atomic pink lamp!
A charming beaded coin purse...
straight from Hong Kong!!
A pristine condition treasure!
Golden brass tissue box cover!
I've been searching for one for forever!!!
An un-opened Victoria Holt AND a lovely vintage
edition MM Kaye??!! Could it get any better??
Look at this flawless example of pulp fiction artwork!
I heart the Ark!

*My favorite in-town store ~ It's a tie! Between Bella Mia and Tangents!

Walking into Bella Mia bath and body is like walking into a haven of perfect scents and relaxation. The sweetest of ladies was behind the counter, and helped us with all our needs! It was so pleasant and lovely, we didn't want to leave! I would've bought every item they had for sale, if I wasn't trying to stay on budget. Boo!

Beautiful orchids at the front counter!
FANTASTIC service...
and deliciously scented, HANDMADE bath products!
Bella Mia has it all!
(I would swear the Fiori perfume I got was hand-blended for me!
O my! It is WONDERFUL!!!)
Tangents is a necessary stop for me whenever I make a trip up to Fort Bragg. They sell funky and fun items that will make you laugh out loud! Not to mention darling retro-style dresses, AND Hello Kitty! Our adorable friend Sydney Jayne (as in Mansfield ~ her mom Vikki really is the original poodle), purchased Hello Kitty salt and pepper shakers from Tangents this past weekend; the very same ones that are featured in my Kitsch post!

Presents for the boys back home~
Sooo gross, but they loved them!
Following in my grandma's footsteps,
I like to collect magnets!
These ones made me laugh heartily!!!
Doesn't every gal need this??
There has never been a time when I haven't ached with laughter and love after a visit to "Nonie's". The classiest of dames, Nonie is generous, loving, and altogether fabulous! This is my thank you to her for all the wonderful times I've had! And a huge thank you to "Tippy" and her mom for sharing their family with me!

The prettiest ballerinas ever!
A present from Nonie!!
Nonie on her vintage sectional
with an adorable pooch by her side!

I can't wait for our next visit!!!


  1. There is such a treasure trove of awesomeness at work in this wonderful post. From your cute trip pics (seriously, you couldn't be more darling looking!) to the many amazing items you unearthed, I had to go back for a second read through - they're just too much goodness to fully absorb it all on just one pass.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. This is a really long post! I thought about splitting it up, but I was so excited about my trip I just went with it! ;)
      They have the best shoppes in Fort Bragg. I have found so many amazing vintage items there over the years! And Mendocino is a darling town with it's own delightful stores. The best part of Fort Bragg, though, is seeing old friends! :) And it's great to have new friends like you!!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. Mmmm I very much love that sea shell vase! Makes me want to put my ear to it!

    1. I almost had to fight my friend's mom for it! ;) I must have sounded crazy when I was in the consignment shop, because every time I turned around I cried, "OOO LOOK! I NEED THAT!!" Ha!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  3. CoriLynn, your blog is just darling!

    1. Thank you! I adore your blog!! I had to put your button in my sidebar cause it was so cute!!! And of course..RETRO!!! ;)
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  4. Love your pink lamp! Delightful find!

    1. Thanks! I actually got the lamp on Craigslist awhile ago- I typed in pink lamp and up it popped! For $20!! So I was ecstatic to find those two vases that matched perfectly!!!!
      I love consignment store shopping! I've heard Texas has amazing vintage markets/fairs~ I've always wanted to check them out. Road trip!! ;)