Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poodle Family Fun!!!

I'm plain tuckered out Poodles!!

Tired, but happy!

My "cousins" H and N came for a fun-filled visit this past weekend. We packed each moment of their short stay with as many events as possible.

The result? Unforgettable joyous times, and one very tired poodle!!!
The "cousins" arrived Saturday afternoon, and we started the weekend off at our traditional first stop- Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco; an awesome tiki bar with delicious drinks! My favorite: the Parisian Blonde. YUM!!


The following morning we headed out to the coast for a little Hitchcock and brunch! It was at least 85 degrees in town, so the cooler coast temp of 70 was just what we were hoping for!

The schoolhouse from The Birds! Aaaaahhh!!
HeHe! We think we are hilarious!!
The cousins wanted a view of the rugged coastline, so after brunch we drove on over to Bodega Head. Upon arrival, we saw a group gathered together with binoculars and realized we had stumbled upon whale watching season. Bonus!!! We joined the group and were privileged with seeing three gray whales traveling north to artic waters. So exciting!!!

A little too close for comfort... 
A redhead, a blonde, and a brunette...
the perfect trio!!!
Scanning for whales 
Bird in Flight
My head band is ready to take flight too.... Ha!

After some fun photo ops, and lots of giggles, we got back in the car for the scenic drive home through blossoming apple orchards.

Back at the ol' homestead (haha!), we relaxed on the patio with a glass of Alpha Omega Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect for the hot weather!

I then dragged my sun-sated body upstairs to get ready for the shindig I was throwing that evening. (It was our dear friend's 30th anniversary lunch earlier in the day, and I knew I would be missing it for the cousins. My solution? Host a cocktail and candy after-party!!)

The edited version of the invite.
No you can't have my number! ;)
My hair frustratingly refused to cooperate, so I threw it up in a quick bun. I needed an amazing dress to distract from my epic hair fail, so I pulled out my Trashy Diva "Walk in the Park" dress. I'd been waiting for a special occasion to wear it, and Trashy Diva saved me again with yet another fabulous look!!!

Me and Tippi!
Isn't she pretty??
Comfortable and adorable, the full-skirt of the dress meant no petticoat needed! Which is great since it's one of my dresses I plan on packing for Italy.

Cake anyone??
The happy couple!!
The soiree began and we laughed the night away!! Warm, perfumed air poured in the open windows, as the anniversary pair danced to "their song". It was so romantic! *tear*

30 years of love!! 
My parents hamming it up!
I mustache you a question...
Cousin, me, and my lil' sis!!
Family time!
Then off to bed we went for some much needed beauty sleep!

Time for bed and some zzzzzz....
Tune in tomorrow for the second installment of Poodle Family Fun~ Cousins go Champagne Tasting!!!



  1. You're a great team! <3

    Saludos de Una Pin Up Frustrada,
    Helena Drive