Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NYX 78 Eye Shadow Palette: 2-Good-2-Be-True? ~ Poodle Reviews

Never say the words, "I'm just going to pop in to Marshalls for a second to buy soap."

There is no such thing as "just popping in" when it comes to Marshalls. That place is a vacuum; it sucks you in with its well-ordered displays and sale prices!

And yes, soap. I buy all my soap at Marshalls; they have really yummy smelling ones in fancy packaging. I cannot resist a good bar of soap!

Today I walked in with the full intention of only purchasing two bars of soap. I'm headed out of town this weekend to visit friends, and I always bring my hostess a new soap to try- it's our thing! That's one bar for her, one for her sister, and... two for me?? At least that's how it worked out!

Two for them...

Two for me!

Add to that TWO pairs of sandals, vacuum pack bags for my vacation, pink skirt hangars, a white blouse, and a seersucker dress!!

"Just going to buy soap." Riiiiight!!!

You would think that after having to use a CART, I would have learned my lesson; but no, not me! Impulse buyer that I am, I actually stopped and looked at the displays that surround the checkout line.

So glad that I did.

I found a perfectly packaged NYX 78 Eye Shadow Palette for $12.99!! I heart NYX products! Great quality and always super affordable!

**"You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you..." ~ Frankie Valli **

Every color??

This particular palette was titled "Every Color Imaginable". I don't know about every color, but it is loaded with some stunning shades.


I usually like to wait and use a product for awhile before I review it; but since I'll probably never use all the shadows, I thought I could at least swatch and snap judgement them! Ha!

A rainbow of brights!

Thus far, this is what I have discovered:

1~ The darker shades are much more pigmented than the lighter ones. They required only one swipe of the provided sponge-tip applicator, while the lighter shades required two or three strokes.

2~ The metallics are heavily pigmented and would work great for a 60's inspired eye look.

3~ The shadows all have a silky feel to them, and thankfully did not crumble all over the place after use.

4~ The packaging is gorgeous! Shiny black, compact, and with a large interior mirror.

5~ I am in love with the blues and pinks!! Beautiful!

My faves! The last color on the right
is a gorgeous shade of coral!

6~ The purples and the large center shadows were the worst! 3-5 layers to get to the desired shade!


after layer, and still so light!

I have no idea about the staying power of these shadows, but given my previous experiences with NYX cosmetics, I'm going to guess these will be equally as amazing!

Now I need to decide which colors to try out first~ got any suggestions Poodles??

Maybe I should stop by Ulta and pick out a new lipstick to match.

It'll only take a minute... ;-)

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  1. I'm quite bad when it comes to shopping as I always happen to impulse buy...especially when they are bargains! So I really can understand your encounter with Marshalls!
    May x

    *Walking In May is currently running a GIVEAWAY...a SIGNED copy of Belinda Hay’s lovely book ‘Style Me Vintage’, please drop by to enter if you have time!*


    1. Bargains are the worst! I always try to remind myself that just because it says buy one get one 1/2 off, it doesn't mean I HAVE to buy both! ;-)
      Your blog is adorable! Thanks for the comment love!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. Your reviews are terrific, dear gal - I really mean it. I love the plethora of photos and how in-depth you go. We don't have Marshalls up here in Canada, which is probably a good thing for the sake of my wallet (too), because I might just be tempted to pop down and pick up these glam shadows after reading this lovely post if we did! :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Be glad you have no Marshalls~ my wallet wishes we didn't!! ;) I love doing reviews because I know I hate spending $ on something, only to have it be awful! I'd much rather know in advance all the details so I know what I'm getting!!
      Thank you for always being so sweet and encouraging!!! It helps me to keep going, knowing that there are awesome people out there like you who really care!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn