Monday, April 29, 2013

Cousins Go Champagne Tasting!!

Bubbles!! What vintage gal doesn't love them?

Champagne reminds me of the 1930's; of slinky dresses, short curls, and long nails. Think Norma Shearer and Jean Harlow in silver satin, a traditional cocktail glass in hand, sipping champagne while driving men mad with their beauty and wit!


So it was with fervent pleasure that I accepted my friend "Sal's" invitation to go champagne tasting, along with my cousins, while they were here on their quick visit.

Sal works in the wine industry, and is the ideal guide to the best wineries Napa and Sonoma County have to offer. Not to mention she's an awesome friend!!

Domaine Chandon graciously offered us a tour and tasting at their amazing winery located in Napa Valley. Our guide Helena (love her!), led us on a fascinating walk through beautiful grounds. We then sat down to a sampling of three of their best champagnes, and delicious Oysters Rockefeller.

The étoile Rosé was my pick for favorite, until I tasted their fabulous Sparkling Red. All I can say is WOW! The color was exquisite, and the flavor was pure ambrosia. It truly was a luscious start to a fantastic day.

We next headed on over to Mumm, where we sat amidst stunning scenery and each had a delectable glass of champagne. Our host was from France, and though I did not catch her name (Sorry!), she was absolutely lovely, and made us feel welcome and pampered. Did I mention the salted caramel chocolates she brought us to pair with our champagne?? Delightful!!!

Our third stop was to visit Sal's old workplace at Andretti Winery; as in the Mario Andretti. We felt as though we had traveled to an old Italian villa, as we sat in a sun dappled courtyard and were offered lovely wines.

We actually made a fourth and final stop to view the grounds at Gloria Ferrer Winery, which I have always been told were splendid. But as we were NOT treated very welcomingly, I refuse to dwell on them. So there. (I just stuck my tongue out, 'cause I'm super mature like that!)

Not to worry, we didn't let them spoil our memorable day. Instead we took advantage of the location to grab a few great photo shots and share some of the best laughs of the weekend.

All too soon our beautiful sun-filled afternoon was over, and we headed home with the warmth of the day still on our skin.

Our sunny weekend ended perfectly!! But with the cousins gone, I realized something...

...My Italian vacation is about to begin! Eek! I need to pack!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's theBalm Baby!!


Poodle Procrastinator's Take Note: theBalm has created a Dry Shampoo that actually works!!!!


I'm giddy with this news, and had to interrupt our scheduled program (Cousins go Champagne Tasting) to bring you this fabulous announcement!!

I am a humongous fan of theBalm cosmetics company; so when I heard they were branching out into hair care, I had to try the products! And since the company also re-launched their website, all products were 50% off! Can't beat that action!!!

I set myself a budget, yuck, and got a nice big haul of fan-tas-ticity!! (I think that all the words I randomly coin should be in the dictionary!)

TheBalm has already established themselves in my world as one of the best cosmetics companies out there. They not only have adorable retro themed packaging, they also have quality products that work for vintage styles!

I hate when a company has cute packaging, but the inner product is generic un-beneficial stuff you can get anywhere.

Not so theBalm. They are the BOMB!

I received my products and hurriedly unwrapped the outer layers to reveal the cuteness within! Seriously, the designers for theBalm should win an award! They did not fail to deliver with these new products! Cute pin-ups appear in front of the Golden Gate on the shampoo and conditioner bottles; a nod to the company's San Francisco location.

Hair Care, and Brushes, and Primer, oh my!!
The dry shampoo shows a retro gal in ski bunny attire, referencing active dames on the go who don't have time to always wash and dry their hair. Now I don't necessarily qualify as active (HAHAHAHA), but procrastination means not a lot of hair washing either.

I have tried many a dry shampoo, and not one actually fulfilled it's promise to get rid of greasy roots. So it was with low hopes that I removed the lid from theBalm's EN ROOT, and sprayed my locks.

What's this?? Something feels different; something has changed. Can it be? Can it really be?? Does my hair actually feel DRY??!!!

Yes Poodles, theBalm has done it!! They have created a dry shampoo that actually dries up the grease and makes hair look clean and shiny, without any limpness!!

I have not washed my hair since Monday morning, so it was lookin' pretty nasty today. And usually on a 3rd or 4th day of not washing, my hair ends up in a head wrap or a turban. But NOT TODAY!

Today I actually styled it! Today it actually felt CLEAN! Today my world was rocked by theBalm!!

Give your hair a 10 second glamour bath with En Root Dry Shampoo!!
Source: Duke University Libraries Digital Collections
Yay for theBalm!!!! So very, very Poodle Approved!!
Who needs curlers??
Just spray in theBalm!
Poodles, make your next shopping detour En Root for theBalm!!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Poodle Family Fun!!!

I'm plain tuckered out Poodles!!

Tired, but happy!

My "cousins" H and N came for a fun-filled visit this past weekend. We packed each moment of their short stay with as many events as possible.

The result? Unforgettable joyous times, and one very tired poodle!!!
The "cousins" arrived Saturday afternoon, and we started the weekend off at our traditional first stop- Smuggler's Cove in San Francisco; an awesome tiki bar with delicious drinks! My favorite: the Parisian Blonde. YUM!!


The following morning we headed out to the coast for a little Hitchcock and brunch! It was at least 85 degrees in town, so the cooler coast temp of 70 was just what we were hoping for!

The schoolhouse from The Birds! Aaaaahhh!!
HeHe! We think we are hilarious!!
The cousins wanted a view of the rugged coastline, so after brunch we drove on over to Bodega Head. Upon arrival, we saw a group gathered together with binoculars and realized we had stumbled upon whale watching season. Bonus!!! We joined the group and were privileged with seeing three gray whales traveling north to artic waters. So exciting!!!

A little too close for comfort... 
A redhead, a blonde, and a brunette...
the perfect trio!!!
Scanning for whales 
Bird in Flight
My head band is ready to take flight too.... Ha!

After some fun photo ops, and lots of giggles, we got back in the car for the scenic drive home through blossoming apple orchards.

Back at the ol' homestead (haha!), we relaxed on the patio with a glass of Alpha Omega Sauvignon Blanc. Perfect for the hot weather!

I then dragged my sun-sated body upstairs to get ready for the shindig I was throwing that evening. (It was our dear friend's 30th anniversary lunch earlier in the day, and I knew I would be missing it for the cousins. My solution? Host a cocktail and candy after-party!!)

The edited version of the invite.
No you can't have my number! ;)
My hair frustratingly refused to cooperate, so I threw it up in a quick bun. I needed an amazing dress to distract from my epic hair fail, so I pulled out my Trashy Diva "Walk in the Park" dress. I'd been waiting for a special occasion to wear it, and Trashy Diva saved me again with yet another fabulous look!!!

Me and Tippi!
Isn't she pretty??
Comfortable and adorable, the full-skirt of the dress meant no petticoat needed! Which is great since it's one of my dresses I plan on packing for Italy.

Cake anyone??
The happy couple!!
The soiree began and we laughed the night away!! Warm, perfumed air poured in the open windows, as the anniversary pair danced to "their song". It was so romantic! *tear*

30 years of love!! 
My parents hamming it up!
I mustache you a question...
Cousin, me, and my lil' sis!!
Family time!
Then off to bed we went for some much needed beauty sleep!

Time for bed and some zzzzzz....
Tune in tomorrow for the second installment of Poodle Family Fun~ Cousins go Champagne Tasting!!!