Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Traveling Poodles

Spring has sprung in California! That means my Italian Vacation is a few short months away!!

And I haven't finished shopping yet! AAAAAAHHH!!!!!

Poodles can be so dramatic sometimes. Ha!

Alas, it's true; I have not completed making the necessary purchases to ensure a smooth and stylish trip. And Husband says everything has to fit into one carry-on bag!

Seriously?? One bag? Have we met?
I'm still in the planning/shopping stage!
How can I think about packing ONE BAG??

I took one giant piece of checked luggage for a weekend in Portland. And I'm supposed to fit two weeks worth of clothes in a carry-on?!


What am I going to do Poodles? Got any packing tips for me? Help!!

At least I was able to try out another vacation ensemble today, and boy was it comfy! The only time I plan on wearing jeans in Italy, is when they are in capri form, and I'm riding on a train.

I love wearing dresses, but somehow trains=dirt in my mind; and jeans are the solution. Plus, as much as I adore that iconic image of Marilyn and her dress blowing up, I don't relish the idea of re-enacting it.

So from Venice to Florence I plan on wearing the following garb~

Lovin' the sun!

Shirt: GAP

Comfort: 9/10- Soft, knit cotton. This tee retained it's shape nicely throughout the day.

Style: 10/10- When I think of Venice, I think stripes, so this shirt works perfectly! (I have a thing for striped clothing. And striped furnishings. And striped accessories. And... well, you get the striped-filled picture.)

Jean Capris: Target

Comfort: 9/10- I have a love/hate relationship with stretch denim. I love how it fits when you first put the jeans on; and I love that you can usually pamper your vanity by buying a smaller size. I hate how the jeans then stretch out, and you end up with molded knee shapes and a saggy butt. These capris stretched somewhat, but still looked good. A necessary thing for a train journey.

Style: 8/10- Slightly high-waisted, but still pretty cute. And cheap!

Brontë was tuckered out from our walk

Black Bow Head-Wrap: Forever21

Comfort: 10/10- Stretchy and Soft! Comfortable, snug fit, that stayed in place all day!

Style: 10/10- A-dorbs!

My sunglasses are at least 5 years old from Target, and the shoes are Cole Haan Air Bacara. I'm not about to divulge how much I spent on them because it was ridiculous. Just know that Husband pre-approved and said I needed to invest in good walking shoes for the trip. These ones got great reviews, and are supportive while still being cute. I shopped around for the best deal, but they were still crazy pricey.

Now if I could only find some affordable pink flats...

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  1. I'm a super light packer. I prefer wearing dirty pants over carrying clean ones.
    I need some new comfy spring shoes and thought i'd just run into Rainsong here in Hbg and was totally flabbergasted at the prices. $195 for flats? Ugh.

    1. I'm not worried so much about packing clothes as I am about shoes! I can only bring 2 pairs tops, and a pair of sandals for the beach. No cute heels?? ;) Yeah prices for flats are ridiculous! I mean, they're flats and nothing special! The ones I got have Nike Air technology so I just told myself to think of them like a pair of expensive sneakers. Still, ugh is right!

  2. Good grief! One carry on?! I'm nowhere near as stylish as you and I couldn't do it. At all. What is the reason for this luggage limitation? Not a freaky-no-reason-just-a-male-whim thing, I hope?

  3. It's all my cousin's fault! He is a musician and constantly traveling (in Austria right now), and he gave us traveling advice. Not lugging more than one bag from city to city was part of his advice. Practical people are always right, which makes it that much more annoying ;). Plus I have this massive fear of the airline losing my bag and having nothing to wear! One carry-on=tragedy averted! Ha!

  4. I have to say that I love the carry on idea. It is comforting to have your bag never leave your side and never have to wait to get it from the the roundabout thing. I remember a moment after many many hours of travel waiting at the luggage pickup and my bag wasn't coming out and our bus was going to leave in about 4 minutes and another one wouldn't come for two hours and I almost had a breakdown. Do you have a good bag that's really comfortable to carry?

    1. I have total nightmares about that happening! No carry on yet. I found a nice Samsonite at Ross but I have to check AirFrance's carry on requirements, because I think their odd. I'm not bringing a purse, so I can use that allowance for my toiletries, which frees up some space.