Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poodles & Parkinson's

It's the first day of Spring and it's raining.

There is something about the change in weather that activates all of my Parkinson's symptoms. I'm not sure if it's the cold, or the damp, or what?? I do know for sure that I don't like it!

Some days, Parkinson's really gets me down. I try to stay positive, but those kind of days stink.

Yeah, stink. Like today.

I've been dealing with the effects of Parkinson's Disease for the last 4 years, but didn't get my "official" diagnosis til this past December.

Apparently when you are only 35, Dr's shy away from saying for definite that you have a life-altering disease.

*Side-note: Seriously, is it that hard to make a cute cane??? C'mon people!!! You can have a disease and still be super fashionable! Utilitarian canes make me weep, they are so ugly. Where are the rhinestones? Where is the glamour? WHERE IS HELLO KITTY??!!

I just want a hello kitty rhinestone cane!
Is that too much to ask??

I try to keep this blog fun and lighthearted because I hate to be a downer. And I don't like to share too many annoying life details; but like I said, sometimes Parkinson's stinks.

So when I get down, here's a list of the top ten things I do to cheer myself up:

1- Watch my favorite old movies and funny TV shows. Laughing out loud is an immediate cure for the blues.

2- Eat. I don't care, bring on the cake and french fries! As the late, great Chris Farley once said, "LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING!" (I miss the GAP girls. And funny SNL episodes in general.)

Maybe I am going to eat the whole cake!!
So?????? HeHe!

3- Read. I'm one of those people who can completely immerse themselves in a book. Reading is a good distraction.

4- Watch Jeopardy and remind myself that my brain is still working, even if my body isn't.
I'd like to make this a true Daily Double!

5- Hug my family and my little pupsters; and remind myself I'm not the only person in the world with a problem.

6- Blog! Blogging, like Jeopardy, keeps my mind active and helps with finger dexterity.

7- Take a nice, long, hot bath. The warm water soothes my tight, sore muscles.

8- Get outside and get some exercise! Just breathing in the fresh air and flowers can wipe away many a Parkinson's worry.

Riding a tandem bike has been proven
to slow the progression of Parkinson's!
And it looks so vintage cute!

9- Listen to music, and sing and dance along! It completely embarrasses my kid and makes me giggle!

10- Check-in with my friends! I love you poodles!!

Looky there! I'm feeling better already!

Thank you to Imagimeri for many
of these adorable images!


  1. I Love U. U know where U can always come 2 get a cuddle and hugs.

  2. You are the best. Take care of yourself. You are a strong woman.

    1. No, you are the best friend! Love you!

  3. Lots of love to you in these hard times dear Friend!

    1. Thanks Sarachu!!! I miss you! You need to come help me find a tandem bike! ;)

  4. Tandem bikes are just a little evil. Seriously. I almost ended my marriage over a failed excursion. Or maybe I am just that clumsy.

    Sorry you are having a down day. The polka dots on your blog always perk me up, so I'm currently sending happy thoughts your way.

    1. I seriously laughed out loud at that! (I refuse to use LOL!) I can completely see the same thing happening with my husband. I am just under 4'11 and he is over 6 ft. I am a wimp, he has legs like tree trunks. It's a recipe for disaster! ;-)
      Thank you for all your comments! They always make me smile!

    2. So, I'm like almost a foot taller than you are, and almost as tall as my husband. I'm a freakish giant. Even so, we almost took out some pedestrians. Now I'd classify us as more cycling loners. He knows to keep his distance!

    3. At least you can ride a normal bike! I'm so short I have to ride "tween" bikes! Ha! The upside is, it is easier to find a Hello Kitty bike I can use!! ;)

  5. I was curious to read about your Parkinson's diagnosis so I used your search box. I bet you could MAKE a hello Kitty "walking friend". :)

  6. I found a sweet lady whose has a company out of England called Glam Sticks. She does custom canes and walking aids. Completely gorgeous AND covered in rhinestones! I'm going to contact her about Hello Kitty. ;) I did glitter one of my canes, which my son and husband thought was hilarious! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  7. Glad you found a good company to help! ♥