Friday, March 15, 2013

Poodle Power! ~ Nail Therapy Thursdays

"Everybody understands the blues!
Are you listening?
I said everybody understands the blues!
...Can ya dig it?
...You take this girl that's got this main squeeze,
That's her boyfriend, that is, you know
An he just bought a brand new GTO..."
                   ~Albert King, Live Wire Blues Power 1968

Man I love that song! One of my favorites!!! And it has been echoing in my head all day. Or at least since I got my nails done.

Because who doesn't immediately think of an all-time great blues song and manicures?? Right?!


Gelish came out with new spring colors, and as soon as I saw A Mint of Spring, I knew what I wanted for my bi-weekly manicure.

Picture a 1957 Chevy...

The color is gorgeous! Flawless, reproduction, 50's mint hue! And my nail technician didn't bat an eye when I asked for the chevron moons. Perfect Chevy Bel Air "V's"! She's the best!

My nails match my walls! HeHe!

What does all this have to do with Blues Power?? Nothing really! Ha!

I just can't think of classic cars, without thinking of that classic GTO line in the song.

And I really wanted to listen to it while I was writing this, and share the love! If you haven't heard that song before, click on the link and listen. It's blues history. The guitar alone is genius, then you add the brilliant lyrics, and BOOM! Blues at it's finest.

I could go on and on, but you poodles have some music appreciation to get to!


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  1. That sweet morning dew color would have matched my outfit perfectly I should've had Kera do my nails! ;)

    1. Yes you should have! Can I put the glitter away yet? Did it peel off? ;)