Sunday, March 10, 2013

Poodle Night Out! ~ Poodle Tips

I have a problem. It's called procrastination.

I'm supposed to have dinner with the gals tonight, and I of course waited until the last minute to get ready. My hair has not been shampooed today, and I have nothing to wear!! *whine*

What's a poodle to do??

Note to self: Plan ahead.
I've got it!!! I'll baaaack-comb!!!! (I said, in a sing-song voice. Ha!)

Here are the steps to a quick 60's inspired bouffant:

Step One: Part hair on crown in a large U shape. Hold hair firmly with one hand while backcombing with the other.

Step Two: Make sure each part of your section has a firm base. AKA it is crazily standing up on it's own.

My hair is not the only thing that's crazy!
Step Three: Flip the section back and smooth the top portion of hair. Using your pointer fingers, part your hair above the ears and gather the section together at the back of your head.

Step Four: Twist the hair as though you are going to form a french roll, and pin or comb in place. Brush the ends down.

Step Five: Using a metal pick, lift the base of your crown to the height you desire, and hairspray!!!

Step Six: Add in some more bobby pins to secure the sides, and style the rest of your hair in a ponytail, or put in low pig-tails.

Accessories cover the messy spots!
That's it! Now slap on some capri pants and a mod top, and get out that door!!

There's time for just one song right?
(This is Husband's unfinished room. It's the first thing you
see  as you walk in the door. Awesome huh?! Yeah, no.)

Poodles, order me a Gin Buck please. I'm on my way...

Time for dinner with some gorgeous poodles!

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! LOVE IT, LOVE YOU, LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!! You just crack me up. I so want to try to do that to my hair. Next time I am going anywhere I'm going to do exactly like you did. It is sooooo cute! Have a wonderful day sweet poodle!

    1. Thanks Julie!!! ;-) It's a super simple style to do, which is of course why lazy me likes it! ~xoxo

  2. Love the hairstyle. Easy enough for anyone to do.

    1. Thank you! It is my go-to in a hurry style! ~xoxo

  3. Awesome. I think I need more hairspray in my life.

    1. I love Big Sexy Hairspray, but sometimes I use Elnett. It works great, but is super fragrant, which I don't like. I have a hairspray obsession. ;-) Big Sexy also sells something called Backcomb in a Bottle. It works great on its own, but works awesome when you use it AND still backcomb! ~xoxo