Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lipstick and Lashes ~ Revlon Reds

"Kiss me!" you say, as you lower your lashes and purse your vibrant red lips.

"Darling!" he cries, while sweeping you into his arms. "Say you'll be mine... forever!"

Isn't that the truth?! You put on some red lipstick and the man of your dreams falls to his knees and proclaims his everlasting love!

What?? That hasn't happened to you? *giggle*

Maybe you haven't found the right red lipstick yet. That's what I'm here for poodles! To help you navigate the muddy waters of lipstick shopping and true love.

Well, at least I can help in the lipstick department. We've already covered long-wear lipsticks, now it's time for my favorite reds!

I personally do not feel that a matte lipstick is necessary to achieve an authentic vintage look. Most lipsticks in the 40s and 50s had a creamier, glossier texture. So for all you MAC "Ruby Woo" lovers out there, it might be retro, but it ain't vintage! (Like that grammar?)

My picks for best red lipsticks, are all made by Revlon. Many of their red shades have been around for over 50 years! That makes them vintage classics! And they are priced right for a frugal poodle's budget, only $4.99 a tube at Target.

How cool is this?

1951- "Love That Red" Bold red with a hint of pink. I think this is the shade my grandma wore.
COVERAGE: 9/10- Covers the whole lip in one swipe.
CREAMINESS: 10/10- Ooooh so creamy! Blot once and you are good to go!
CONSISTENCY:8/10- Lasts wonderfully, just don't eat! You'll end up with red rings on your fork or sandwich.

1951- "Certainly Red" A true blue based red. I wear this shade more than any other. Love it!
COVERAGE: 9/10- Awesome coverage. May need to pay extra attention to the inner, middle section of your lip.
CREAMINESS: 10/10- Feels like silk baby!
CONSISTENCY: 10/10- I have had this color last for 8 hours on me. Which is AH-MAHZING!

1952-"Fire and Ice" Super bright and gorgeous! Almost a neon red, or tomato red. One of Revlon's most famous shades. I'm sometimes afraid to wear this one on it's own and will layer it with "Certainly Red". For me, it's an evening look lipstick.
COVERAGE: 9/10- Same middle of the lip problem as above.
CREAMINESS: 10/10- Satin smooth!
CONSISTENCY: 8/10- I find that it will last a couple of hours after blotting, but then you'll need to touch-up.

1953- "Cherries in the Snow" I'm including this with the red's but really this is more of a berry pink shade. Blue based and lovely, I think this color looks like raspberries rather than cherries.
COVERAGE: 9/10- Again, only one coat of this luscious lipstick is needed.
CREAMINESS: 10/10- The same wonderful, creamy, silken feel as the others.
CONSISTENCY: 9/10- A few hours wear and then you'll need to reapply. Works great as a stain.

From L to R: Love that Red, Certainly Red,
Fire and Ice, and Cherries in the Snow

I lo-oo-oo-oo-ovvve these lipsticks! You can't go wrong with a Revlon ORIGINAL red lipstick!!

Poodle Approved!


  1. That just isn't what my hubby would say...it would be more like, "Um, Honey? What's that smeared all over your mouth? Did your lipstick lose it's way?" Because I just can't keep red where it's supposed to be! Why is that?!! I'm a freak.

    1. I have a complete fear of looking like the Joker from Batman! I am constantly asking my husband if my lipstick is smeared everywhere. I'm paranoid!

  2. ahh, this is just what I needed =) I've been looking into red lipsticks. I just got Fire&Ice, now I need the rest of these!

    1. Revlon's red lipsticks are amazing! They stay put and look great. Certainly Red is my absolute favorite!
      ~xoxo CoriLynn

  3. Hi CoriLynn!
    I'm new to your lovely blog. I found it through Voluptuous Vixen and I love it! My name is April. I've been reading some of your posts today, and was wondering if you could recommend a red Revlon shade for me. I am an Italian girl with neutral undertones in my skin. I always shy away from red. If I could find the right one I'm sure I'd like the look. By the way, congrats on your lovely pinup on VV! You look great! My email is aprilcunningham17@yahoo.com

    1. Hi April! Welcome to my blog! Thanks for checking it out! ;) My favorite of all reds is Revlon Certainly Red. It looks as great on my olive undertone skin as it does on my cousins peach tone. It's a fabulous true red! I'd try that one if you want a real red lipstick, or Cherries in the Snow if you are looking to start out with more of a berry based red. Have fun with it! Red takes some getting used to, but looks awesome on everyone!!
      ~xoxo, CoriLynn