Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fab Finds and Swell Reads

Look what I found!!!

Yay for Nancy Drew! Resourceful heroine extraordinaire!

Our local Goodwill has an extensive and well-organized book section.

In other words, it rocks!

You can find pristine classic novels and children's books galore! And as I am slowly trying to complete my childhood collection of the original 56 Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, Goodwill rates an excellent in my book! They always have a substantial selection in stock. My recent finds had never even been opened! Spines un-cracked and intact! Fabulous!!!!

Workin' on the collection!
Next up #1 The Secret of the Old Clock

The first 56 Nancy Drew's were published by Grosset & Dunlap between 1930-1979. Although the covers all state Carolyn Keene as the author, that name was actually a pseudonym used for several different authors who wrote for the series over the years.

Nancy Drew by...?

My love of mysteries began with my first Nancy Drew, The Moonstone Castle Mystery. I adored Nancy! She was intelligent, capable, and always fashionable! And although she started out in the series as a blonde, she ended up as a redhead! Yay! Growing up, I was amazed by the stunning vintage covers and illustrations found within the pages of each Nancy Drew.

Save the handbags!
Nancy Drew~ an original poodle!
Check out that compact and her perfect manicure!

Speaking of adorable Nancy Drew imagery, check out these Etsy sellers items.

Book clutch!
Wonderful use of illustrations and book excerpts!
Journal available HERE
No books were harmed in the making
of this matchbox! HaHa!
I must have a pair of these earrings!

So retro cool! While I don't usually agree with any sort of book desecration, after seeing the condition of some used Nancy Drew's, these sellers have done an impressive job! It's fashionable recycling! HeHe!!

Oh Ned! Nancy's handsome boyfriend!

By the way, I also found a mint condition hardback edition of Victoria Holt's The Captive!

I am a HUGE Victoria Holt fan!! Many of her books are out of print, so this was an awesome find!!!

Finding quality used books can be like searching for clues in a mystery; difficult to discover, but oh so rewarding when you do!

Follow the clues to find fabulous books!

So keep searching poodles! Because as another great detective would say, "The game is afoot!"


Sometimes I accidentally buy doubles. Oops!
Anyone want the above two?
Let me know in the comments section,
and they're yours!


  1. I recently found Nancy Drew fabric! With the classic illustrations! First, I asked myself, "Why???" But then I decided WHO CARES! It's fun!

    1. My thoughts exactly as I went through the PAGES of etsy items for sale. But then I was won over by the typewriter earrings! Suddenly everything seemed cuter. ;-)

  2. Ms. Poodle-take a Memo
    Everything old is new again...

  3. A wonderful Blog! Thanks for including our Nancy Drew Journal from our ETSY Shop. We sure have fun making these unique items. I do believe I read just about every Nancy Drew book when I was a child. Nice Blog - thanks!

    1. I love your journals! Nancy Drew was my first foray into mysteries. Without her I would never have know Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot- which would have been tragic! ;)
      ~xoxo CoriLynn