Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Sniffles! ~ Poodle Pampering

Sniffling Poodles!!! I've got a fever! Ick!

Being sick is a bore. It's impossible to look fabulous when you're in a funk!

What's a poodle to do??

Follow this sniffling poodle's advice for your seasonal woes; and you'll be back to your sensational self in no time.

First, take a bath!! Soak away those body aches with some velvety bubbles. Feeling clean and deliciously scented, goes a long way to restoring a gal's morale. Put on your coziest robe and slippers, and nestle down under a soft, warm blanket, preferably pink!

Pink bubbles make everything better!

Time for tea! Nothing that a nice hot cuppa' can't do. My favorite comforting brew is Constant CommentA spicy-sweet, orange blend created in 1945 by Ruth Bigelow. The name came about when it was first served at a friend's afternoon tea, and received nothing but "constant comments"! How adorable is that?! A real vintage tea!

A cup of flowers, tea, and sympathy!

"Constant Comment" for comfort,
and a vintage pink tissue box for cheer!

Now settle in with a cherished book and a pooch to keep you company. Put your feet up and rest! Snooze for a spell, and float away on the waves of warm, tropical dreams...

Doesn't everyone have a huggable, heatable pink poodle?

Princess of Pooches!

After a few winks, plump up those pillows for an afternoon spent with your favorite old film stars. Wile away the hours with boxes of tissues and chocolate. You're convalescing after all!

Chocolate candy that looks
like china chintz!
Image from Fancy Flours baking supplies ~ Yummy!

Have your tissues handy!

Send Husband for some Thai chicken and lemongrass soup. Feel your headache fade, as the aromatic broth tickles your nose. Enjoy some guilt-free time doing whatever you like ~ Etsy shopping anyone? Some pinning on Pinterest?

Now it's off to bed with a bit of "Vicks" and puppy cuddles.

You'll be feeling poodle-licous by morning!!


  1. I want those chocolates, a heatable pink poodle and Mitsy for when I'm not feeling well.

  2. You can buy chocolate anywhere, but there's only one Mitzy! She knows when I'm sick and stays by my side. She's the best dog ever! xoxo

  3. My doggie follow's your Mitzy's philosophy! She has been by my side or on my feet since Thursday, and she makes the world of difference. I missed the boat on the pink bubbles, but actually saw Roman Holiday this weekend! Well, I snoozed through it, but doesn't that count, too?

  4. I'm sorry to hear you have also been sick! Pooches do help so much on a comfort level, and Roman Holiday always counts~ snoozing or not! ;-)