Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Poodles "Let's Kiss and Makeup"

I have a confession to make. I hate doing my makeup.

No really, I'm serious! Let me explain!

I'm a procrastinator.

Yep, that's pretty much it. Makeup takes time and I'm usually out of time. Pinterest and Etsy require my attention! I need to check in with Instagram! I saw something sparkly!


Time management is not my forte. Neither is doing makeup. Don't get me wrong, I love makeup itself. I love how it can completely transform a person from the everyday to glamorous. I love how it can transform ME. I'm simply not proficient at it.

And because I'm not a dab hand at applying makeup, I often choose a simple 1940's look.

War made cosmetics scarce in the 40's, and the popular look was a "natural" one. A flawless, healthy complexion was achieved through the use of a slightly darker foundation shade than normal. Eyes had either no shadow, or a slight dusting of grey or brown; this was followed by a heavy dose of mascara and/or false lashes. Brows were drawn in and emphasized. Creme rouge was applied, and then the face was powdered in a slightly lighter shade than natural. The look was finished with morale building red lipstick!

Today, there are a ton of makeup brands available, but I always try to find ones that work best for a vintage look. Requirements for me include a matte, natural base eyeshadow, a loose or pressed powder, and of course, cute packaging! I like products that work great and look good sitting on my vanity.

Two awesome brands I adore are theBalm cosmetics, and Bomber Betty custom cosmetics.

TheBalm cosmetics, created by Marissa Shipman, is based out of San Francisco, CA. Being a Northern California poodle, this is a bonus for me! These stunning beauty products come in charming packaging with tongue-in-cheek names. Sweet, vintage images adorn products that are thoroughly modern in composition. And guess what else? All of theBalm's products are paraben free! I have purchased several products from theBalm, all through HauteLook; a Nordstrom based online site that holds different sales events each day. I love my Bahama Mama bronzer and my Mary-Lou Manizer; and theBalm's Schwing black liquid liner is my FAVORITE eyeliner ever!!

Photos via Pinterest

Products I could do without, are theBalm's Nude'tude nude eyeshadow palette, and their Shady Lady Volume 1. While the shadows are gorgeous, and the price on HauteLook was negligible, neither palette has matte shades that I would choose to use on a regular basis for a 40's look. I rarely use either palette, but they would be ideal for a more elaborate eye. And for someone with more skill than I possess. No kitten eyes here.


A foxy matte bronzer that'll make you glow!

This highlighter will give you a dewy finish
all your friends will be envious of!

Blackest of the Black, matte liquid liner.
Smudgeproof and incredibly easy to use!

Check out these lovely ladies with attitude!
I like Sassy, Selfish, and Seductive, but those are
the only one's I've consistently used.

Jealous Jordana, Jet-Setting Jennifer, Curvy Cami;
with such appealing names, how could I resist
this colorful palette?! Alas! I don't possess the talent
to use them to their full potential.

Bomber Betty is a custom cosmetics company based out of Chicago, and is owned by sensational looking poodle Jessica Sawicki. She creates and hand packages each of her awesome all-natural, paraben-free products. I heard about Bomber Betty on Cherry Dollface's youtube channel, and I had to check it out for myself.

So, so, so glad I did! Bomber Betty offers an amazing deal where you can order 3 samples for $4 and no shipping. This is a terrific idea, given the fact that buying makeup online can often lead to disappointment; computer monitors do not always show accurate product color.  I ordered samples of concealer, mineral powder, and a red lipstick. I received my generous samples, PLUS a mineral moisture tint foundation, and a second red lipstick sample to choose from!

I also ordered Bomber Betty's Brow Wow! in Julia, and their "The Fundamentals" 3 shadow palette. The palette is ideal for recreating pin-up and 40's makeup looks. It has a perfect neutral base shade, and an equally perfect white highlighting shade. Brow Wow is creamy in consistancy, easy to apply, and is amazing for shaping brows. Bomber Betty's packaging, designed by Hannah Aitchison of LA Ink fame, is exceptionally fetching; featuring a classic WWII pin-up.

The very first day I tried out my Bomber Betty samples, both my husband and my mom commented on my skin and how radiant it looked! That decided me on whether to purchase the whole product or not! The mineral powder sample I tried was slightly light for me, and I wasn't sure if the next shade up would be too dark; but not to worry, Jessica herself wrote me back with a suggestion! How astounding is that?? Especially in today's automated customer service world?!

I highly recommend both theBalm and Bomber Betty. Two adorably packaged brands, with interior product as fabulous as their exterior looks!

Perhaps I do like to do my makeup... sometimes. With such lovable brands as theBalm and Bomber Betty, how can I resist making up even my Funny Face??

Alright, "Let's Kiss and Makeup" Poodles!


  1. I love doing make up..i also would like the cute packaging even though it gets tucked in my make up drawer. If you don't use those extra colors send them my way.

  2. You are so right! Fabulous packaging!

  3. I have some makeup I use all the time, but the packaging is soooo boring that I leave it in my makeup drawer! Definitely not vanity worthy like these two brands are!!