Thursday, February 28, 2013

Poodles and Polka-Dots! ~ Nail Therapy Thursday!

I'm in love...

With polka-dots! (Sorry Husband.)

They are just so cute and poodle-licious! Not to mention so very, very vintage! Think fashion looks of the 40s, the 50s, and even the 60s. Polka-dots are timeless.

With Spring right around the corner, I was in the mood for some light-hearted nail art. No more dark nails- it's time for sunshine! So into the salon I went, for a mani/pedi and conversation/relaxation.

My nail tech knows me so well, right away she asked, "What are you going to make me do this time?"

She adores me. Really.

I showed her my Pinterest inspired looks, she rolled her eyes, and fulfilled my fingernail fantasies!

Here are my polka-dot and "Hello Kitty" pretties!


  1. Cute! I'm not as brave as you (but getting braver) so I usually switch to a bright obnoxious pink in the springtime. Brightens things up, but not as much as Hello Kitty!

    1. Bright pink is the best! I'm usually pretty boring with my nails, but it has been so sunny and warm here, I was in the mood for something fun! ;-)

    2. I got a pedicure just in time for a cold front...and my toes haven't seen the light of day all week. It's a bummer.

    3. That is a serious bummer. It has been sunny and warm here; all the trees have bloomed overnight. I think winter has ended.