Monday, February 11, 2013

Poodle Tricks: V is for Victory Rolls- in a Snap!

Everyone has heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", right?

Especially is that so when I look at pictures from the 1940's. The hair, the makeup, and the fashion shine through clearly, even in black and white. Evidence of that age and time, can be seen in the styles of the day.

Victory Rolls were the most popular hairstyle to emerge from the years during WWII. Named after a fighter pilot maneuver that signaled victory, the rolls form the shape of a V (hopefully), also signifying victory.

Source: Beauty is a Thing of the Past

Look at those V's!!

I love to style my hair in Victory Rolls! And I'm going to show you poodles one fast and simple way to do them.

But since certain people (husband) pointed out to me that my last few posts have been rather wordy (um, hello! I like to talk!), I'm going to try and do this tutorial mainly with pictures.

Victory Rolls, they're quick, they're easy, and you can do them in a snap! Or even in a snapshot!

Forgot to set your hair the night before?
No problem! Victory is on the way!
Take a rat-tail comb...
and part your hair down the center.
Then part each side from the crown
down to behind your ear.
It should look like this.
Pin the back of your hair out of the way.
Take the side sections and curl them with
a hot iron.
After the curls have cooled, take one side and
backcomb it well, creating a firm base.
Smooth the front and hit it with a little
Smooth ends together, wrap them over two
of your fingers, and twist back. Ease the roll
off your fingers, and begin to roll the curl down.
Roll the curl down to your crown and bobby pin,
placing two pins from front to back
inside the bottom of the roll.
Place your thumbs in each end of the roll and
very gently spread it into more of a tube.
Place a couple more bobby pins
where you think necessary.
Hairspray and repeat on your other side.
You can leave it like this...
or pin the two sides together so they touch.
Now let down the back of your hair!
Leave it straight to complete this
quick look.
Yay! We did it!

And that's how I do my Victory Rolls!

Couple of notes- Obviously I have bangs right now, but this style can be done as easily without. Either part the hair straight down the middle and style as instructed above, or seperate out a triangle front section and include a front reverse roll. If you feel that your rolls need some extra support, carefully slide a comb from behind into each roll. Also, this is just a shortcut way to achieving a Victory Roll style. For a truly authentic look, a pin curl set the night before is essential!

Once you have mastered these rolls, the possibilities are endless! Back V's, side V's, sweetheart rolls... you name it, you can do it!

Victory is yours poodles!! Now go out and celebrate your fabulous style!

(Not too wordy, huh husband??!!)

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  1. I don't mind words and pictures. That's how some people learn. Love the tutorials.