Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Poodle Tricks: So Snoody!

Snood. What a funny word. Snnnnoooood!!!

I feel like a mooing cow.

What is a snood anyways, you ask?

A snood is a type of fancy hairnet. They could often be seen on the heads of fashionable gals working in factories during WWII. The front of the hair could be styled in curls or rolls, and the back of the hair was held back in a snood. Snoods could take a girl from work day to evening out, with the simple addition of a flower or bow.

I like to wear a snood when I'm having a less than fabulous hair day. Or an "I was too lazy to set my hair and now it's too late to do my hair" day. I have a lot of the latter sort of days.

So when hair regrets get you down poodles, here's another trick to pull you back up!

Step One: Style the front of your hair in Victory Rolls, or a front reverse roll.

Step Two: Take that back limp hair and backcomb like crazy! The backcombing will give your hair the volume it needs to fill out the snood, so that it doesn't hang loosely.

Step Three: Gather your hair with one hand and push it inside a snood.

Step Four: Pin the snood to your crown and sides with bobby pins. I use clips on the back underneath part of the snood. They pretty much stay hidden back there.

Step Five: Accessorize!! Add a pretty ribbon or flower to complete your terrific vintage look!

Now you are looking stylishly snood-y!!

From work day...

to a night on the town!
Snoods have you covered!


  1. Snoods always make me think of Bing Crosby in White Christmas.

    1. I don't remember, when he is doing the "Sisters" number with Danny Kaye? ;-)

    2. As they were getting on the train, I think. I want to try your victory rolls, but I'm not sure my hair will cooperate. Will practice and try this weekend :-)

  2. You can do it! I promise they are super simple! Just backcomb a lot.