Sunday, February 17, 2013

Poodle Tricks: An Ode to "Downton"

The finale of Downton Abbey season 3, is on tonight!!!!!!

Bravo! Bravo! Well-done!

After a season filled with surprises, one has to wonder what tonight holds? And given my penchant for dressing up to match my favorite movies (see all my dorky glory in my post Jolly Holly Hair), I thought I'd post a quick hair and makeup tutorial inspired by Downton.

You're welcome! HaHa!

In my dream world, where I was born in the correct era, I of course live above stairs and my ladies maid dresses me and my hair. But for the sake of reality, here are the steps that will make you at least look like, the next "Countess of Grantham":

1920's Hair and Makeup~

First, your hair...

Step One: Part clean, slightly damp, moussed hair on your crown down the middle. Roll hair in sponge rollers and leave in for as long as possible. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, eek! I slept in my rollers. Follow the same setting pattern as for a Poodle-Do, using mostly small to medium rollers. If you are reading this too late to set hair in curlers, never fear! Use a small barrel curling iron and curl your dry hair in one inch spiral sections.

Step Two: Remove rollers and run fingers through the curls. Use a little pomade to separate and define some of the tight curls. Do not brush!

That's a lot of curl!

Step Three: Roll hair at back around your fingers, and bobby pin under. This is creating a quick faux bob. If your hair is already shorter, skip this step.

Step Four: Lightly backcomb the curls on the sides. You want some frizz and some definition.

Step Five: Optional! Using wave clips and duck bill clips, emphasize the waves on your crown. Hairspray.

Step Six: Apply makeup while wave clip ridges set.

Obviously I took these photos all out
of order, since I'm already made-up!

Second, your makeup...

I wasn't planning on doing a make-up tutorial, so I did not take pictures of the steps. Sorry!! I decided later that I could at least explain how I went about getting a 1920's look.

Step One: Follow instructions in my Pin-Up Makeup look post for the face base, but do not blend the rouge up your cheekbones. Keep your creme rouge blended on the apples of your cheeks.

Step Two: Apply eyelid primer and allow to dry. Then apply a neutral matte shadow as the base of your eye look.

Step Three: Apply a grey or silver shadow to your lid up to the crease.

This color palette was perfect for
the look I wanted! Not too smoky.

Step Four: Apply a purple/plum shadow to your crease. Blend!

Step Five: Highlight your brow bone with a sparkly light ivory or creamy pink shade.

Step Six: Apply black liner from your inner corner to outer edge of eye. Do not extend past eye. You want the liner to help create more of a round look to your eye.

Step Seven: Line your lower waterline with a white liner. Place a small dot of highlighter in your inner eye corner. Line under your eye with a violet or purple gel liner. Start with heavier color at the outer edge and fade towards your inner corner.

Step Eight: Fill in your brows, drawing them in thinner and more rounded. Extend the line farther past your normal edge, drawing the brow down.

Step Nine: Using a large fluffy powder brush, dust your face with setting powder.

Step Ten: Use an eyelash curler, and then apply a heavy dose of mascara.

Step Eleven: Apply a purple or berry lipstick/stain.

I layered these two Revlon lipsticks
for the perfect 20's lip!

Carefully remove the wave clips, and put on your hair accessories. Use feathers, rhinestone clips, or a round-the-forehead band. Hairspray!! Get dressed in your 1920's inspired clothes and triple check your DVR scheduled recordings!!

You can see how I lined my lower waterline
in this pic, and my highlighted inner corner.

I chose a simple lace band, but the choices
out there right now are endless!!!

Uh oh! Lookin' kinda messy at the back!
O'Brien would be scandalized!

Now mix up a Sidecar, arch a brow, and direct witty comments at your Husband. If you aren't married, and your boyfriend is sitting through Downton for you, MARRY HIM.

Every future Dowager Countess
 needs a coordinating pink cane!

You can see how I lined my lower lid here,
and rounded and extended my brows.

It's time to turn up the volume, ignore Laura Linney, and watch the future of the Crawley Family unfold!!!

Ready for the Roaring 20's!!
But will Downton be??


  1. So sad tonight is the last....but you look like you are all ready! I've made my scones and tea, triple checked the DVR, and grabbed my phone so I can text my sister at the shocking parts. Come on Laura Linney, lets go!

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