Friday, February 15, 2013

Poodle Polish: Nail Therapy Thursdays!

I got my nails did!!

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! You know it! Uh huh!!

I am such a nerd. I can't help it.

Every other Thursday is my nail therapy day. I visit my favorite nail technician for a fabulous Shellac/Gelish manicure!! And for an hour of coffee, talk, nails, and fun!

Poodles if you haven't tried a gel manicure yet, make an appointment TODAY! Seriously amazing! Revolutionary! So worth it!!

You haven't tried a gel manicure yet?!!!!

Gel polishes go on like regular polish, but are then cured in a UV or LED lamp. Unlike regular polish which tends to smudge, chip, bubble, and various other wretched things, gel polish lasts for up to 14 days or longer. And they shine! Boy oh boy do they keep their shine!! Nails look fantastic from day 1 to day 14.

I love gel polish. Could ya tell??

Nail polish has come a long way since the 1920's, when it's formulation was similar to car paint! The introduction of Technicolor meant changes for the nail polish industry. Who wouldn't want Rita Hayworth's red nails?!

"shhh.. I use gel polish"

I usually get a half-moon manicure done on almond shaped nails, but today I went for something different. Sadly, I broke THREE nails right before my appointment, and was forced to clip all my nails down! *sob*

So no vintage half-moons for me. Instead I had my nails painted matte black. I adore the matte polish look, but I miss my half-moons. Can't wait until my nails grow back and I can mix the two looks!

Yay for gel manicures!!
They're even better with friends!

Hooray for nail therapy Thursdays! My favorite days of the month!

Commence the nerd dancing!

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