Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poodle Pampering: Salon Style!

Who says time travel isn't possible? Of course it is!

I time travel every 5-6 weeks when I journey to my hairstylist's; who then turns back the clock 10 years when she dyes that grey out of my hair!

Oh yeah!!

Who wants to look like a granny when they are in their 30's? Not this poodle. Age gracefully? HA!

A trip to the hair salon, and your favorite stylist, is the fastest way to erase signs of aging. You emerge a refreshed and renewed you. Your stylist lets you talk away your blues while they artfully arrange your hair. You melt under their practiced hands, and let your worries flow by.

I always feel like I'm about to visit
outer-space when I have foils in my hair

Sound good?! For us, the client, it is! But what about our stylist??

Most of us equate a visit to the salon with relaxation and pampering. Stylists equate it with work. Yep, work. No matter how much your stylist may love you, seeing you in their chair, means they have a job to do. So shouldn't we show our affection for them by making that job easier??

To that end, these are my poodle-do's and don'ts for your next sojourn in the stylist's chair:

*DON'T wear earrings! You'll stylist will have to remind you to remove them, and chances are you'll forget them.

*DO tip generously! Many stylist's keep their prices low for their loyal clients- show them how thankful you are!

*DON'T wear a turtleneck to your next cut! You could end up with a wet and itchy neck.

*DO feel free to chat! Most stylist's are people persons who love the interaction. But don't forget to leave them space to speak!

*DON'T wear a white shirt for a dye job! Unless you want a brand new tye-dyed tee!

*DO bring pictures of your desired look, if you are planning a change.

*DON'T expect the impossible! Black to blonde in ONE appointment?! Really??

And last but not least,

*DO reschedule!!!! Nothing is worse than calling your stylist the day before you "need" your hair done, and expecting them to fit you in! (You know who you are--Procrastinating Poodles!)

I looooo-vvvvv-e my hairstylist!! She rocks my red hair needs! And I can't wait for my next jaunt in her hair-chair!

Hopefully I DO follow my own advice!!



  1. I love it when the grey is gone! I let my stylist do all the talking, though. She likes to, and it's so relaxing!

    1. I used to work with both my hair stylist and my nail tech, so it's usually a day of venting and catching up for us! ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Have to show the love for all my salon gals! <3

  3. Ok, though, here is a question. I've always tipped. Always. But now I'm getting way more done to my hair, the bill is way higher, and I've doubled what I used to tip. I was thinking in the shower this morning, because that's where I think, that maybe I'm not tipping enough. And my tummy hurt. Because I love that lady, and if I'm insulting her without knowing...well, I'd just die. What percentage is appropriate, in your most knowledgable and expert opinion?

    1. Well... that's a tough one. Here in CA I'd say tip 20%. I do that for hair and nails. But with Estheticians, my favorite clients were always the ones who gave $5 for a $15 brow wax. ;-)

  4. Miss my hair being done! Its a mad mop these days.

    1. I miss you! But not so much the salon! ;-P