Saturday, February 23, 2013

Full Moon-icure Friday! ~ Poodle Tricks

Have you got the Friday Saturday night blues? Stuck at home with no place to go? What's a poodle to do when she has no plans??

(Sadly I started this post on Friday, and surprise, surprise, didn't finish until Saturday.)

Here are some of my ideas to chase those blues away.

First, flip on the stereo to the sweet sounds of Sinatra. Second, mix up a girly pink cocktail. Then, give yourself a manicure.

That's right, I said a manicure. Were you expecting something more exciting?? Ha!

I, of course, ruined another manicure with my sick-room boredom. With not much to do while recuperating from illness, I picked away at the edge of a nail until it peeled away. Way to go!!

So, I need a manicure; and when else, but on a free Friday Saturday night, are you going to find the spare HOURS it takes to really let your nails dry??  I usually wait until the last minute (see: procrastinator rules to live by) to paint my nails; and then I end up waking the next morning with those oh-so-cute cheek ridges embedded in the paint. Bleh!!

By making use of this available Friday Saturday evening, I may actually get it right! Looky there!! I'm planning ahead! Mark this day down!!

I've been missing my half-moons so I went back to my old standard; red with plain moons. But tonight I added a little twist. Feeling in need of some girly glamour, I painted leopard print on my ring fingers. Leopard is about the only cat element I allow into my otherwise pooch filled life. It's just so vintage Hollywood! I can't resist it!

Every poodle needs a little leopard
in their life!

Leopard print on nails is uber easy to do. Here's a picture tutorial to show you poodles how to add some kitten spice into your Saturday nightlife:

Colors I used were OPI Big Apple Red, Finger Paints
Ch-art-coal Black, and, one of my faves,
China Glaze For Audrey 

Step One: Prep nails and paint following the instructions in my previous half-moon manicure post.

Step Two: After applying second coat of color, wait a few minutes and apply top coat to all your nails except your ring fingers. Allow nails to dry.

Step Three: Using a dotting tool or toothpick, make three or more asymmetrical shaped circles on the nail of your left hand ring finger.

Make a palette of chosen colors on a
piece of foil.

You might want to practice on some paper at first.

Step Four: Using a toothpick, paint crooked "c's" around the circles.

Uneven, jagged "c's" or half-circles

Step Five: Add in some extra spots if you'd like.

Step Six: Allow to dry thoroughly, and then apply top coat to ring fingers.

Step Seven: Allow top coat to dry to the touch, then add a drop of cuticle oil to the base of each nail to help cure the polish.

OPI Avoplex nail & cuticle oil

Step Eight: Repeat on right hand.

Step Nine: Relax on the couch with your cocktail while your nails finish drying, and admire your seductive claws!


Me-ow Poodles!!!


  1. Seriously, I tried the stickers once, because Pinterest told me to. It was a spectacular FAIL! I swear more ended up on my poor little doggie, Emma, then ended up staying on my nails. I just haven't got a talent for it. However, my first outing away from the sick bed was a trip to get a pedi yesterday afternoon. Bliss.

  2. The beauty of taking pictures for this blog, and not a video, is that no one can see my mistakes! I had red polish everywhere!! I used a lot of q-tips and acetone! ;-) I get my pedi on Thursday~ I can't wait!