Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Champagne Bubbles! In Poodle Pink!

It's the only point on which Frank and I disagree.

I Get a Kick Out of You, champagne! Especially pink champagne!


There is nothing like the tickle of champagne bubbles on the tip of your nose. They makes me giggle. And pink champagne bubbles are even better!

Who doesn't need this??
image via Pinterest

Thankfully I live near one of the greatest champagne makers in the world. (Ok, whatever, "sparkling wine", because I obviously don't live in France.) I heart you Korbel!

Korbel, referred to as California Champagne, is located in Sonoma County, CA, on a beautiful, historical estate. The gardens at Korbel were planted in the 1880's, and are full of lovely roses that can be seen on a tour of the grounds. You can also take a tour of the antique cellars, if you are planning a visit. Either tour ends graciously with a complementary tasting. Yes please!

I'm a sweet champagne girl, so I adore Korbel's Sweet Rosé. It's dazzling pink hue is a vintage gal's delight. (If you like a drier champagne, there is also a Brut Rosé.)

So imagine my joy as Husband presented me with a chilled glass of Sweet Rosé in one hand, and various Hello Kitty treasures in the other! Best Husband Ever!

Yes, Hello Kitty; she's not just for children. She's for kitsch, kawaii loving gals the world over! OK?!!

Anyhoo... Korbel lists their Sweet Rosé for $14.99 online. Eeekers! It sells for $7.99 at our local market. Music to a frugal poodle's ears.

Oh waiter/husband! I'm going to need a bigger glass!



  1. I adore Pink Champagne..well have to share some soon!

    1. Or we can share some of our absolute favorite~ Rosa Regale aka Disney's Magicale!! It's not pink but it's still pretty! ;-)

  2. We should also plan a girls day to Korbel! It would be so fun!

    1. We do need a Korbel trip! We should do the garden tour in Spring!! It will be so beautiful!