Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This Poodle's Got a New Pair of Shoes

Hello, my name is Betty Lou (not really), and I am a shoe hoarder.


I know they say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. But what if you don't want to recover from your obsession??

That's how I feel about shoes. I can't let them go. I can't stop buying them. I adore them.

My husband once made me count how many pairs I own. The number may have fallen in the 100's range.


It truly wasn't fair though, because I hoard shoes for forever. Really, forever! Some I've had for 10 years, if not longer. And I'm very picky about what shoes I buy, so I don't buy shoes all the time. 

Shouldn't that count for something? Huh? Huh?

Husband's don't understand.

I do however have a weakness for a few brands out there. Two of my favorites hail from England, and I have no strength to resist them. 

Irregular Choice and Poetic Licence, why do you have to be so perfect?!

Source: via Cori on Pinterest

The two brands are sold collectively on the Irregular Choice website. Both combine elements of vintage style (love the lucite heels), with a touch of kitsch. Irregular Choice is a favorite of many style-icon celebrities; Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Whoopi Goldberg to name a few. Poetic Licence is the more conservative of the two brands; a statement which always elicits a laugh.

"Conservative? Those?" friends are apt to say while pointing at my feet, "Riiight."

Really they are, compared to Irregular Choice, which are much more outlandish; for example, one pair of my Irregular Choice, have a lucite heel that lights up with each step I take (see picture below). Which brand figures more into my shoe collection? Well, I've never been a fan of REGULAR shoe choices.

Pun intended. Haha! I'm such a dork.

The one problem with them is their price, combined with the fact that I'm cheap. I've yet to buy a pair in the season they are released. I'm always one or two seasons behind, but that's ok, because they are still wonderful and unique. Seasons really don't matter with these shoes; they qualify as the most imaginative pairs, I've ever owned.

Oh how I heart them!

So imagine my joy upon discovering a website that offered amazing prices on both these brands?? Better even than Amazon! Some still a season behind, but both brands in one place without having to scour the Internet! All still available in my size!!!

With a name that says it all, rocks! I wasn't ready. I wasn't prepared. I wanted them all. I settled for one. 

Let me introduce Poetic Licence's Pretty Woman in Purple.

Gorgeous AND comfortable! They have a classic 1920's art deco feel about them, with a perspex heel twist. A hard plastic, sparkly purple bow adorns the strap, giving a touch of girly glamour. They positively twinkle. And like all pairs of Poetic Licence and Irregular Choice shoes, they came in equally adorable packaging.

Welcome home, pair #101! You are definitely worthy of a little hoarding.

Hey, I put some new shoes on,
And suddenly everything is right
                        - Paolo Nutini, "New Shoes"


  1. I'm too conservative about shoes, but I also have giant pontoon feet. I will say, however, that those are very superior looking shoeboxes.

    1. You should see Irregular Choice's boxes-- Adorable!!

  2. Wish I could wear shoes like that but I'm all about comfort and they don't look that
    comfortable to me.

    1. I promise they are comfortable Mom! xoxo