Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poodle Passions

I've got a secret passion poodles.

Ok, I've got lots of secret passions. This particular one is shocking to many people when they hear it.

I like football.

Nay, I LOVE football! FĂștbol Americano, that is. And I LOVE the 49ers!!! So Super Bowl, this Sunday, is bound to be epic!

Why can't a vintage girl love football? Especially a procrastinating one, who may at times allow her favorite TV programs to distract her from what she's supposed to be doing. Like blogging.

How adorable is this vintage football guy?
the Balm cosmetics
via Pinterest

Besides, in a way football is a vintage sport. American football has been around since the turn of the twentieth century, and is a favorite pastime among many, including this poodle.

Hey, Poodle Pastime! HeHe! I like things that are alliterative.


I went for a visit to my friend/manicurist today, and got my nails did!!! In 49er red! Of course I made her throw in some 1940s half-moons too. She wanted to add in some Niner gold as well, but I said, "No Way" ("That's N W!"). What if the Niners lose Sunday?! The horror! I could not look at red AND gold nails until my next manicure, without intense bitterness.

I get a manicure every other week, but that in-between week would be TORTURE!! Plain red nails with half-moons are pretty much a standard for me; so, in case of a loss, they will not incur any sense of sadness.

I've been watching the 49ers play since I was a little girl. My sister and I would join my dad in cheering them on with loud shrieks of joy at touchdowns, or with loud cries of "BOO" at the bad calls by the referees. Watching football games always brings on a feeling of nostalgia.

So this Sunday I'll be watching yet another 49ers game with my dad. It's been a long time since we watched one together (the Niners haven't been so fortunate the past few years- eek), and I may shed a tear at the sentiment of it all. It's been an awesome season. I can't wait for all the cheering, dorky high-fiving, and victory dancing.

GO NINERS! Make this poodle proud!

Alliteration! Ha!


  1. I'll be honest. I don't dig the football. Husband was a band director, and I've been to a zillion games. Why is it that I still don't know what's going on??? I do, however, think its an excellent reason to have a party, make food shaped like little footballs, and to get a manicure! I hope you enjoy the game while I enjoy the gossip and the commercials.

  2. Definitely a great reason for a party!! And to eat junk food!