Monday, January 28, 2013

"Hey Good Lookin', Whatcha got Cookin'?"

"Hey, hey, good lookin',
Whatcha got cookin'?
How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?
Hey, sweet baby,
Don't you think maybe
We could find us a brand new recipe?" -Hank Williams

Who needs a brand new recipe when there are so many classic vintage recipes out there to try?

Today I had a craving for Oreo cookies and a glass of milk. 

Unfortunately when I went into my cupboard for the Oreos, someone had eaten them all. Not that I'm placing blame, HUSBAND. Instead I decided to bake my own cookies. 

Chocolate chip cookies are my specialty. People ask me for my recipe and I answer, "Nestle' Toulouse". 

Awww Friends, what a great show. Phoebe I miss you.

Nestle' Tollhouse Original Chocolate Chip Cookies. That's my famous cookie recipe. I giggle every time someone OOOOs and YUMS over my cookies and asks, "What's your secret?".

Ummmm, I follow the recipe on the back of the bag.

The original Nestle' chocolate chip cookie recipe came into existence in 1930. The Nestle' website has a cute story of how Ruth Wakefield, owner of the Toll House Inn, cut bits of a Nestle' semi-sweet chocolate bar into her Butter Drop cookies. The result gained such popularity, that in 1939 Nestle' Toll House started producing its semi-sweet chocolate in easy to use morsels. Ruth's recipe was printed on the package, and she was given a lifetime supply of Nestle' chocolate. Not to mention the distinction of having invented the most popular variety of cookie today; The chocolate chip cookie.

They're quick and easy to make, and taste delicious. Even when you are easily distracted and start blogging while baking, bad idea, they still come out scrumptious, if slightly crisper. Plus, they are the perfect taste of childhood memories: Cookies and milk after school. Cookies at grandma's house. Your first foray into baking. Licking the spoon while your mom chides, "You're going to get sick!" - There is 50% chance I could get salmonella, but that is a chance that I am willing to take.

Guess what? I still lick the spoon. 

Nestle' Original Chocolate Chip Cookies, truly the best cookie recipe around.


  1. Agreed, for sure, back of the bag. Why is this some kind if mystery to everyone else? Have they never seen the back of the bag? Thanks for the history lesson. I had no idea the recipe was vintage, and I love it all the more for it. Except now...I want cookies.

  2. I love old-school, vintage recipes! At least the ones that have lasted. Not a big fan of the 1950s lime jello mold! ;)