Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Meet Me in Portland

Every December I succumb to three bad habits…

…copious amounts of Clover egg nog drinking, followed by even more ample amounts of eating, and finished up with an overabundant amount of time sitting on the couch.

Classic movie watching of course!


Haha! Just kidding…

Not really. (I'm looking at you Husband.)

One of the aforementioned movies I must watch, is a little classic known as, Meet Me in St. Louis.


Judy Garland was at her loveliest in this film. Due greatly in part to the loving direction of future husband Vincent Minnelli.

On the set of Meet Me in St. Louis
Judy stated that during the making of Meet Me in St. Louis, was the first time she had ever felt, beautiful.

And how could she not?! Consider the framing and softness in this iconic shot...

Judy Garland looking sensational,
"framed" by Vincent Minnelli's love.
The red dress "Esther" wears to the her "last dance in St. Louis", is my favorite. It is simply spectacular.

Love this pic!! Twenty years old, wearing a red velvet
dress for my sister's wedding, and having the
best time with my other "big sis". 
Paired with her sister's green velvet, "Esther" and "Rose" are the belles of the ball.

So guess what my reaction was when I found this fantastic forties coat while shopping in Portland?

Awww Magpie, how I adore you?
One of the best vintage shop's in Portland.
I may have twirled a few (hundred) happy circles! Ha!

It has the most stunning satin-chevron-OMBRE lining!!

What is it about vintage labels that sets my heart a-skipping?
This coat makes me feel pretty. It's soft and luxurious as only velvet can be, while the satin lining peeks out with a delightful elegance.

And since it was another cold morning today, I decided to don my chic crimson velvet. I immediately felt like "Esther", glowing glamorously in snowy St. Louis.

I did NOT want to leave the fire…
(I also decided to frame myself lovingly with a soft filter! Hahaha!)
…but since I had to, why not wear red velvet?! Hehe!
My Miss L Fire's matched perfect!
I felt the need for more twirling!! HA!
Scenes from St. Louis superimposed memories of Portland, and I realized I was missing something. I needed a "Rose" in green, to pair with my "Esther" red!

How absolutely stunning is Janey in this picture??
courtesy of atomicredhead.com
Enter Janey Ellis, of the fabulous blog Atomic Redhead!!

Janey met me while I was in Portland, for some vintage shopping and lunch. It was extremely kind of her to take the time to show me around, and I enjoyed our visit immensely. It was marvelous spending the morning with such a talented and beautiful blogger! (Especially one who shares a love of Disneyland!!!) Thank you Janey!

With Janey at Portland's best boutique,
Simply Vintage!!
The ever gracious and gorgeous Sarah,
owner of Simply Vintage Boutique.
So in my "Esther" red, and with Janey's green in mind, I'm off to watch Meet Me in St. Louis

One movie tradition down, three to go!

Husband just groaned audibly.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hutch Hunting

I've been on a hunt...

…a hunt for the perfect hutch.

It's taken me a year of Craigslisting, plus a steady round of searching every consignment shop in a 25 mile radius, but it finally happened. I found my hutch!

And oh boy, is it a HUTCH!

Hello darling!

I'm in love!!
Isn't it beautiful?? A mid-century modern masterpiece!
(Just ignore those gratuitous cords on the floor...
…they are there simply to show the hutch
Extra storage space makes it easy to rotate
my favorite pieces on display!
I didn't want to damage the gorgeous walnut grain,
so I placed these adorable vintage pillowcases on the shelves as a
protection against scratching. They fit perfect!
Lu-Ray and Pyrex,
most of it thrifted!
I knew the hutch was a Drexel, but I had no idea of it's real history.

Drexel mark inside drawer
After getting it home, I noticed this stamp on the back…

My "new" hutch is 55 years old!
…and I immediately Googled Declaration by Drexel.

Imagine my glee-filled giddiness when I found all of this…

I see my hutch!
I see it again!
I wasn't sure how I felt about the porcelain pulls,
but when paired with the milk glass shelves - WOW!
According to the Drexel website, the company "pioneered the concept of partnering with outside designers to conceptualize new collections. For example, California modernists Kip Stewart and Stewart McDougall worked with Drexel Heritage to create Declaration, which was a modern collection made of natural walnut. Immediately hailed as an important contribution to American design, several pieces were selected by the U.S. Government Design Committee for the Brussels World's Fair and an exhibit in Moscow."

Ummm… How exciting is that?? My hutch was made in 1958, the same year that pieces from the Declaration collection were chosen to be displayed at the World's Fair!!

Now it sits happily in my little niche, glowing proudly; and I sit happily on the couch staring at it.

I paid $100 for a piece of hutch history, and it was worth every penny!!

The Great Hutch Hunt of 2013 is over!!!

…now what to search for next?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bundle Me Up!

Brrrrr…. It is cold Poodles!!

30° and dropping. For California that's downright chilly!! (I'm sure the rest of the country will laugh at me! Ha!)

I love the idea of winter, but not the actuality. Sweaters, fires, warm drinks… the fall of a gentle snow outside; it all sounds wonderful. But the frosty wind that comes along with it! Ugh!

So imagine how delighted I was to find the warmest of warm coats, right before I jaunted off to Portland.

I feel like Jackie Kennedy!
Vintage fabulous coat!
 New cute and comfy Bettie Page shoes!!
Awww feel the sun! 
I guess I can endure winter a little while longer. Hehe!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Foxes and Deer and Ravens, Oh My!

Hi'ya Poodles! Sorry I've been MIA… Parky's has been kicking my butt!

So this past weekend I headed up to Fort Bragg for some rest, relaxation, and retail! Haha!

Tippy moved to Fort Bragg with her parents a few months ago,
and this was my first visit to her new home. Given
that this is the view out her kitchen window, I can almost
forgive her! Almost… ;)
Hello Mr. Fox!
Young bucks frolicked outside the living room window!
I may be feeling more forgiving… Hehe!
Besides my regular favorites (Paul Bunyan/State of the Ark), I visited the most darling antique shop, Todd Farmhouse!

Why do I heart the Ark?
Because it holds gems like this: an early edition of
A Little Princess! Beautiful!!!
I can't believe I've never visited this historic location before! It was filled with the very best in vintage treasures, and reasonably priced! Shop owners Jill and Judy are exceptionally warm and hospitable. I adored the farmhouse, which was built by Judy's great-grandfather! Instead of the usual shop displays, Todd Farmhouse invites you to explore it's rooms, each one staged with the shop's vintage wares.

A plethora of treasures awaits you at the lovely
Todd Farmhouse!
After the joys of Todd Farmhouse, I made my way to Laurel Street and the scent-sational delights of Bella Mia! My favorite for bath-time bubbles and luscious lotions. (Owner Sheila Struckmeyer is a genius with scents and skin care!)

Bath-time delights!
Had to stop in at fabulous Mendocino Vintage and treat myself to some beautiful (and affordable!) bakelite!!! I highly recommend this well-stocked, well-organized, and wel-comeing shop! I came in about ten minutes before closing, EEK, and owner Gloria gladly assisted me. As well as allowing Tippy and I to peruse her gorgeous goods!

Why yes, that is an armful of bakelite! EEK!!
The three red are on "long-term loan" from some dear friends,
and the gorgeous remaining bangles were found at
Mendocino Vintage!
Then Tippy and I headed on over to Tangents for some laughs and kitschy home goods.

"There's no place like home," especially when home
includes cozy socks and a warm fire!
On Sunday I took a break from my shop-a-thon, and made my way to MacKerricher State Beach. I soaked up the sun's rays, breathed in the ocean breezes, and visited with winsome wildlife. (Ah, Alliteration! HA!)

The waves were amazing that day! But by far, my favorite part
was making friends with this handsome raven! He was a dear!
It has long been a dream of mine to have a pet raven;
they are such intelligent birds!
I headed home Monday, but first made a stop in town to see cute Sydney Jayne at her new job; she now works at Pippi's Longstockings- a fantastic little sock shop. I got Spock Socks!!! They crack me up!

As always, Fort Bragg was the restorative respite I needed! Love that town!!

With this comfy pink bed, and a cat called Salome waiting,
I can't wait for my next visit to Tippy's place!