Monday, December 10, 2012

Poodle Tricks: Jolly Holly Hair

When I was younger, I thought that Breakfast at Tiffany's was something that you went to have when visiting New York. I pictured pancakes and diamonds. He, he.

Despite the untold number of old movies I watched growing up, Breakfast at Tiffany's was never in the midst. Maybe because it's not a musical.

We were big on musicals. And singing along. And being nerds.

When I finally watched it, I was all grown up. I had seen all of Audrey Hepburn's movies, and I adored her. She was everything I could never be. Sophisticated, graceful, TALL. With a glamour that seemed effortless.

This time of year I always end up re-watching my favorite movies. And who doesn't like to dress up to match the movie they I are watching?!


This Holly Golightly inspired look is a favorite of mine. Mainly because it takes about five minutes to do. Easy enough for any procrastinating poodle.

Now break out the guitar, sing some "Moon River", and style that hair!

Step 1: Brush hair into a high poodle-tail. Secure with a band.

Step 2: Backcomb backcomb backcomb.

Apparently big hair frightens me

Step 3: Spread hair out around hair-band like a mushroom cap.

That's right, I said mushroom cap. Cause who
doesn't want to look like Toad from Super Mario Bros?!

Step 4: Taking small sections, bobby pin your ends under. Work your way around the hair, pinning and fluffing out, til you achieve a ballerina like bun. I just cut my hair so I did not need to pin all my ends under. Some I only fluffed over the "bun" and sprayed in place.

This is serious now poodles!
Bobby pinning is hard!

Step 5: Smooth sides with a little pomade. If your hair is shorter like mine, secure back pieces with a comb. Hairspray the final look.

No, I'm not posing. I always smile while
awkwardly holding a can of hairspray.

Step 6: Accessorize!! You can dress this look down with a simple bow, or go all out with your diamonds and pearls.

I have a problem with that pinky/raptor claw.

"Hump? What hump?"

I wanted to show off my awesomely long lashes.
Cause I'm humble like that.

Put on a little black dress and you are ready to turn that DVD player on!!! Woohoo!!!!

Seriously, such a nerd.

Guffaw guffaw

Toodles Poodles!


  1. You are so adorable. I want to do my hair like this and have Breakfast at Tiffany's!

  2. Ok this updo is fabulous (love the accessories)!!
    btw, i'm so trying this...any tips for for long hair?

    1. Hi! For long hair I would make sure and really back comb well, and you may have to roll your ends under more. Or you could try one of those sponge donut thingys from Sally's Beauty Supply. You put the pony tail thru it and pin your ends under it. Let me know how it goes!