Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cocktail Hour: Take Me to the Ritz! In a Sidecar please...

Aww the Sidecar. A cocktail born from Prohibition, with an appealing name that can't be denied as true vintage.

A delicious libation from the 1920's whose origins are just as mixed as the drink itself. Some say it originated in London, invented by popular Buck's Club bartender Pat MacGarry. Others claim it all started at The Ritz Hotel in Paris.

My personal favorite is the story of a WWI Army captain who rode a motorcycle with a sidecar to Harry's New York Bar in Paris. When he drove from the little bistro to home he needed a drink to keep him warm while riding in the sidecar. And the Sidecar was created in his honor.

The recipe for a Sidecar is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. And while there is a standard recipe used, I think each person has their own idea of what constitutes an ideal Sidecar. I know I like mine a little on the sweet side. To achieve this, I use only Meyer Lemons. Their slightly sweeter, orangey flavor adds a distinction to the drink that a regular lemon can't match.

Sweet, sweet Meyer Lemons

And while the Sidecar is a favorite drink of mine to mix at home, I almost never order one when dining out. Some bartenders end up using sour mix, ugh, instead of fresh lemons. Some forget to sugar the rim of the glass. And still others just have no idea what a Sidecar is. Sniff.

But I digress.

The Sidecar is a classic cocktail. Serve it in a vintage martini glass, with a side of steak and potatoes. It's easy proportions make it a snap for us procrastinating poodles.

Take a spin in a Sidecar. Straight to the Ritz please!

Toodles Poodles!

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