Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quick Tips and Poodle Tricks

It's Friday night and you're going out on the town. You want to look fabulous but between life, work, and all those hours spent searching Etsy, hehe, you've run out of time.

What's a gal to do??

Don't worry. This poodle has got the tricks you need to look glamourous in minutes.

One of the things I love the most about 40's hair and makeup, is that it's easy to do. WWII caused many a shortage in beauty products. This resulted in an abundance of ingenuity on the homefront. Those ladies came up with some amazing ways to keep up appearances.

Drawing on "stockings"

Only washing your hair every four days or so, meant inventing a few neat ideas that were quick and kept hair looking lovely. One of my favorites literally takes seconds to do. Love it!

15 cents? Pish Posh! Poodles can make their own!

Want a stunning back victory roll? Follow these easy steps perfected by those amazing war time women:

Step 1: Cut the top off of a pair of old, CLEAN stockings.

Step 2: Place one of the stocking legs under your hair at the nape of your neck. Place the other one over your hair and hold the ends together in each hand.

Step 3: Holding the ends together, slide the stockings down to within an inch or two of your hair ends.

Step 4: Begin twisting the ends up towards your neck/crown. When all the hair is twisted up, tuck ends of stockings under the roll at the sides. Also tuck in any loose hairs that didn't make it into the roll.

Step 5: Secure with a comb and bobby pins on each side. Style the front of your hair in easy combs or more rolls.

That's it! An inventive back roll courtesy of war rationing. Now go shake your tails!

Toodles Poodles!


  1. This is the direction I feel the blog should go in..

  2. Very interesting historical perspective.