Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poodle Tricks: Front Reverse Roll

Poodles I'm pooped.

Soooo tired

And when this poodle is pooped, doing hair is the last thing on her mind. But who wants to look as bad as they feel?! Not this dame.

Hmmmm... What to do? Hmmmm.... Zzzzzz.....

Oops! Sorry, nodded off there.


Don't worry. I've got a 5 minute solution that will solve this hair woe, so us poodles can get back to the important things.

Like sleep.

Complete strangers have stopped me in stores and on the street to ask me how to do this look. I know, I'm awesome.

Stop gagging.

It really is a poodle fetching hairstyle. It's adorable. It's vintage style. It's...simple.

Like ridiculously simple.

Gwen Stefani was the first person I saw this look on, and I loved it. Imelda May has made it her signature look. Then it started popping up on the runway. Nicole Scherzinger has rocked it. Demi Lovato has tried, hehe. It's a variation on 1940's reverse rolls hairstyles, but it's kept simple with only one front roll.

I do this hairstyle on second or third day pin curls. If you want to do it on fresh and so clean hair, you'll need to curl your ends so that they roll easier.

Here we go. The Imelda May, the Gwen, the awesomely easy:

Front Roll.

Step 1: Using either your fingers or a rat tail comb, part the hair at the front of your crown into a U-shape.

Look! I need my roots done!

Step 2: Holding the parted hair firmly with one hand, back comb with a bristle brush. The more you backcomb the more structure you will have and the easier it will be to form the roll. But don't go crazy, we're going for the 40's, not the 90's. 

Pinky's up

Step 3: Smooth the front of the hair with your bristle brush. Brush the ends over your fingers so they are all going the same direction. Roll ends around two fingers and give your fingers a half twist back, similar to forming a pin curl.

This is my serious Librarian face
Ahhh! Man hands!

Step 4: Slide the curl off your fingers carefully keeping the ends tucked in. Roll the curl down to the crown.

More close-ups of my man hands as I roll the curl down

Step 5: Bobby pin in place. If you have done a good job backcombing, you should only need a couple pins. Try to hide the pins inside the roll the best you can. Placing thumbs inside roll at front and back, gently spread roll into more of a tube shape.

Hide and Seek

Step 6: Leave hair down or put up in a poodle tail. Whatever you're feeling. If you put up, smooth sides and the roll with a little pomade.

Fabulous Dah-ling! 
Poodle Tail!
I love you Hawleywood's!

Step 7: Hairspray the final look.

Protect your face from the hairspray, don't salute it!

Now that is some poodle worthy hair!

Glasses AND braces! I am lookin hot!

Hey! I'm not feeling so tired anymore. I think I'm up for a night out. A little dinner, a little dancinggggggggggggggggggggg............


Toodles Poodles!