Monday, November 12, 2012

"Besame Mucho"

It came! It came! It came!

Cue me jumping in excited circles. 

My Besame Red lipstick came in the mail and made me sooooo happy!

I have wanted a Besame lipstick for forever, but you know me, why buy today when u can buy tomorrow, or the next...

So I finally sat down and made up my mind. You see, I had read review upon review of Besame Cosmetics. All positive and glowing. But each reviewer had their own favorite color red lipstick. How was I ever to choose just one?!

But darling, I want them all!

If it was up to me, I would purchase every shade along with every other product Besame sells. But that pesky budget/husband always gets in the way.

Boo I say! That's right, BOO!

I finally thought, go with the classic, and I ordered Besame Red.

So glamourous!

As I opened the gorgeous red packaging to reveal an even more gorgeous lipstick tube, I was suddenly awash with memories. Five years old and watching my grandma putting on her makeup. Taking the gold lid off her bullet shaped lipstick and adding the final touch. 

My Grandma with gorgeous red lips and perfect poodle hair

From the perfectly reproduced packaging, to the glamourous red lipstick inside, Besame founder Gabriela Hernandez has created a vintage cosmetic worth treasuring. And I love, love, love that she too is inspired by her grandmother and a time that was full of romance.

Poodle approved!

The lipstick has such quality and staying power. Creamy, pigmented, and just the right shade of true red. It doesn't feather, which I love, because I hate feathering. And it LASTS. Without a lipliner, I might add.

Kiss me! Besame!

At $22 a tube, this isn't your basic drugstore find. Nor should it be. This is a gift for your senses and a treat for your soul.

And shhh... Don't tell the amazing people over at Besame, but I would've paid double. It's that good.

Each time I take it out of its velvet pouch, I think of my grandma and I smile. Besame gave me not only a lovely product, but priceless memories along with it.

Wasn't she lovely?

Why did I wait so long?!? Oh that's right, I'm a procrastinator. And this is the Procrastinator's Guide to Vintage right? So my procrastinator advice? Stop wasting time! Order some Besame, a true Vintage Classic.

Besame Mucho!

Toodles Poodles!

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